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Under $1000 Treadmills - Features and Specifications

proform 505 cst 3mHome treadmills under $1000 are really great cardio exercise machines. They are stronger, durable and more robust than treadmills under $500 and especially under $300.

Running deck width is usually around 20 inches (50.8 cm). Such wide running deck can accommodate larger people with ease, without significantly increasing the width of the whole unit, which is very important for keeping the folded treadmill footprint as small as possible.

Running deck length varies from 55 to 60 inches (140 - 152.5 cm). 55 inch running decks are long enough for even the tallest walkers, but could be slightly short for people with long running strides - nothing that can't be remedied by altering the running technique, for example.

If the workout and storage area are not the problem, go for 60 inch long running decks.

Also, note that 55 inch running decks are powered using 2.5 - 2.75 CHP (Continuous HP) electric motors, while 60 inch running decks require 3.0 CHP electric motors. Note that such 3.0 CHP motors require plenty of electric power, when pushed to the limit - that is ~20 or so Amps continuously, even more to cover power peaks.

Be sure to check the manual of individual treadmill for power requirements, before ordering one!

Maximum user weight of good running treadmill in this price range is around 300-325 pounds (136 - 147 kg). Such heavy users do require strong and sturdy equipment, especially when running.

nordictrack c 990 1mMaximum running speed is around 10 and 12 mph (16 and 19 km/h) and is enough for most of the home runners. Personally, I never liked the idea of sprinting on treadmills, not even as the part of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. Why? Go to the YouTube and search for 'treadmill accidents' :)

If you like HIIT workouts at home 10-12 mph is going to be enough, just change the incline.

Running deck incline change is motorized, with the maximum incline being between 10 and 15%. So, no more pausing the workout to change the incline manually - if you find a treadmill in this price range with manual incline change, skip it.

Number of workout programs varies around 20 to 30 programs. Some models have iFit/Google Maps options, but the user must have his own iFit subscription.

Since these treadmills are made for home, user profiles are commonly found on certain models, with the number of user profiles ranging from 2 to 6, sometimes even more.

User profiles enable several individual users to store their preferences and previous workouts separately from each other. Great for home users and home gyms.

schwinn 830 console

Heart rate monitors are built in handles or are in the form of button sensors. Such monitors require physical contact between the user's upper body (hands, fingers) and the treadmill's console, which can be annoying. Most of these treadmills support wireless heart rate monitors, while some even come with heart rate chest strap sensor.

Such wireless/Bluetooth heart rate sensors are important for people working out in the 'zone' and for people having heart issues who workout at home under (constant or periodic) supervision of trained personnel.

Multimedia - in order to make workouts less 'boring', these treadmills come with built in speakers and headphone plug-in ports allowing the user to listen to the favorite music while working out.

USB charging ports are used to avoid the discharging of smartphones, iPhones, tablets and similar devices during workouts.

Built-in cooling fan(s) prevent the trainee to sweat too much. However, keeping the room temperature in check is, IMHO, more important.

Display monitors show all of the data to the user: covered distance, workout program, burned calories, elapsed time etc. These monitors are larger to help the user to actually see the data even when running and heavily sweating :)

One or more commonly two water bottle holders help the user to keep well hydrated during workouts without the need of pausing the workout for drinking water or some other liquid.

Assembly and maintenance: when they arrive, treadmills must be assembled. If you are not DIY person, be sure to order a technician to assemble the unit for you - this also includes basic operation test and belt lubrication.

Anyway, before first use, it is highly recommended to read the manual/instructions first.

Maintenance is very simple and it includes lubricating and retentioning the belt, and keeping the unit clean. Since maintenance of treadmills vary from model to model, again, read the manual!

Warranty terms vary, but the least thing that one should accept is 1-year parts and labor warranty, plus at least 3-year warranty on motor and frame. Good thing is that one can order extended warranty and/or, for example, 3-year maintenance plan. These things increase the price of the units, but better safe than sorry, especially if you use your treadmill regularly!

Long Story Short - home treadmills under $1000 have much to offer to their users. And they should, for that kind of money :)

They are great units, and if you need one, check the table at the beginning of the article. Just don't forget that it is you who is actually running, not the treadmill :)