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What ever you do at home, in the gym or on the track or even in the kitchen (or somewhere else), running on the treadmill, working out, cooking, eating or doing something else, it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe. Always have someone more experienced next to you that can help you and/or show you proper way of doing things, especially when using equipment like treadmills.

For short - if you get injured, sick, ill or worse or you break something or even someone because you red something on this site and you wanted to do that or something similar, that is your fault and responsiblity, not ours ...

Respect others in the gym, on the track ...

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For short: This site has various affiliate and ads programs - Google Adwords, Amazon affiliate program, etc. We don't mind this type of income (who does? :o)), but any exercise machine, supplement, diet, recipe or program review and recommendation is based on our own experiences and it is as it is - if we like something, we say it, but if we find something not so good, we say that, too.

And these are our opinions - you can agree with us, or not. After all, we are all different, so if somebody likes, for example, sport supplements with chocolate flavors, that doesn't mean that fruity or similar flavors are bad.

Owner of this site is 40+ years old and weigh more than 100kg. I am actively involved in various sports since early 80's - I can't run nor walk on some cheap treadmill day after day and say that it is good treadmill. However, if you are lighter than I am and you require indoor treadmill for occasional running or walking cardio session, why would you spend $1000 on the treadmill? On the other hand, if you don't mind spending that amount of money, go for good and durable treadmill and enjoy running and walking on it for many years to come...

Live Long & Prosper