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E Tronic Edge Waist Packs Review

Running and jogging enthusiasts always face the problem of placing their valuables safely and securely for which fanny packs are used generally.

But E Tronic Edge has come up with waist packs that are superior to fanny packs. Runners can store their keys, phones, wallets and many other essential valuables in these running belts and carry out their favorite activity without any stress.

Published: September 25, 2019.

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Features of E Tronic Edge Waist Packs

Fits all Waists

E Tronic Edge Waist Pack is a one size fits all waist belt and so, users don’t have to keep guessing and finally get a wrong size, return it and wait for a replacement.

The belt fits a waist of any size, is stretchy with a big snap buckle and due to its smooth and lightweight material, feels as if it’s not there. And if a user’s shirt is long enough, it hides under it discreetly and not noticed by others.

Fits all Phones

E Tronic Edge Waist Packs are designed to fit any type of phone unlike several others that come with the slimmer belt style that may not actually fit a user’s phone properly. E Tronic Edge Waist Packs on the other hand fits all phones from 4.7” to 6” so that users can carry their phone or iPod anywhere.

Stylish and Good-looking

These Packs come in 9 attractive colors and look stylish and good, so that users have a wide choice for colors.

e tronic edge waist pack 3

Made from Strong Durable Material

This waist pack is made from the highest quality soft Neoprene which is made to twist, flex and bend, but not to stretch out of shape. This material is extremely light and is sweat proof and water resistant; so, users can carry their precious gadgets with them in any type of weather while exercising.

Users can even carry their money wallet safely because this waist pack won’t tear or rip. It’s also easily washable.


The material of E Tronic Edge Waist Packs is excellent quality and so, the waist pack can be used for years without any tear or going out of shape.

Ease of Use

E Tronic Edge Waist Pack not only accommodates phones of any size and other objects, but also it makes it very easy to take these objects out and keep them back in the pack, without folding up. It also has a snug fit and doesn’t slip downwards.

e tronic edge waist pack 2

Water Bottle Holster

E Tronic Edge Waist Pack also sports a holster that accommodates most smaller bottles so that users can take a sip during long runs. This is an exclusive feature of this waist pack because most other waist packs feature large and bulky water bottle holsters.

The water bottle holster of E Tronic Edge Waist Pack is small and sleek. What’s more, a free waist pack extension strap is also available on request. The regular strap will finely fit a waist of up to 44”.

Headphone Hole

E Tronic Edge Waist Pack provides headphone hole too through which it facilitates users to listen to music or any other entertainment or media while running or jogging.


E Tronic Edge Waist Pack is multipurpose and users can use it virtually for everything, including running, hiking, working out, training, on beaches, dog walks and playing other sports. With its outstanding quality, comfort, stylish looks and light weight, this waist pack stands out from others and can be carried anywhere keeping users’ valuables intact from weather elements, dust and dirt.

Pros of E Tronic Edge Waist Packs

e tronic edge waist pack m- Soft and comfortable

- Lightweight

- Excellent durability

- Snug fit

- Multipurpose

Cons of E Tronic Edge Waist Packs

- None as such

Bottom Line

E Tronic Edge Waist Pack is a very useful, comfortable and stylish product for running enthusiasts who can’t afford to be away from their phones and other valuables while exercising.

If users are looking for something which won’t hang or slip down uncomfortably or bounce while running, E Tronic Edge Waist Packs is a perfect choice.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check E Tronic Edge Waist Packs Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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