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Eating Egg Whites vs. Eating Whole Eggs – Are Whole Eggs Better?

There is a never-ending discussion regarding eating egg whites vs. whole eggs. Problem is rather simple: 10 egg whites have around 35g of protein, 5g of carbohydrates and no fats or fiber and that is 160 kcal for eating 35g of protein. On the other hand, 100g of eggs has 12g of protein, 1g of carbohydrates and 10g of fats - note that 2 medium-sized eggs have around 120g.

Published: July 7, 2016.

In order to consume 36g of protein, one has to eat 5 medium-sized eggs and that is 36g of protein, 3g of carbohydrates and 30g of fats; that is around 420 kcal for 36g of protein. And that is a huge difference.

whole eggs in the pan

Now, if you are on a calorie-restricted diet and want to lose fats (not just weight), and want to have high protein intake (and you are drinking plenty of water, too!) solution is obvious – eat egg whites. But, is it all so simple?

Egg yolk contains plenty of minerals (iron, for example) and vitamins (vitamin A, for example) which are easily digestible by humans. Also, egg yolk contains various fats, among them LDL Cholesterol (bad one!) and HDL cholesterol (GOOD one!). Level of omega 3/6/9 essential fatty acids and ratio of HDL and LDL depends on the way how hens are fed. Since fats are absolutely needed by the human body, avoiding fats can lead to many health problems.

Solution? Balance your meals!

Eat egg whites from ‘ordinary’ fed hens (ordinary commercial eggs) and eat whole organic and/or omega-3 eggs. For example, on every 6-7 egg whites, eat one organic and/or omega-3 egg. Note that each omega-3 egg can have up to or even more than 300mg of omega-3.

whole egg meat stuffed

Eggs and egg whites can be prepared in numerous ways. Personally, I like to keep things simple and make my eggs and egg whites in non-stick frying pans or as hard-boiled eggs. As a side dish, mixed salad is highly recommended (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, few onion rings, vinegar, few drops of olive oil, little bit of salt and that is it!) or at least lettuce salad. Also, slice or two of whole-grain bread can be consumed, just beware of the carbs even in such bread.

Eggs are often used as part of more complex meals, like stuffed beef/turkey with potatoes and similar.

Regardless if on diet or not, egg whites, turkey or chicken breast, fish and similar foods are my main protein sources.

No matter how one eat eggs, keep in mind that the key is the balance and portion control. When on a calorie-restricted diet, I try to consume 1 single whole omega-3 egg per day. When bulking, I rarely eat more than 2-3 whole omega-3 eggs per day.

But that is me. If you are on a diet, or you are planning a diet, check your health at your doctor's office - better safe than sorry :)

And if you want something even better than omega-3 and/or organic eggs, try to find organic Japanese quail eggs – they are not ‘miraculous’ as some people claim, but they are also very rich in many minerals and vitamins with plenty of healthy fats and protein.

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