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Healthy Shake and Smoothie Recipes - Healthy Snacks

Healthy shakes and smoothies are easy and quick meals to make. Their consistency vary from liquids to purees (drink it or eat with a spoon with all variations in between), depending on their content and the amount of liquids (water, milk, juice, yogurt etc.) we used during preparation.

Published: February 28, 2020.strawberry banana smoothie 4

Shakes and smoothies can be consumed for breakfast, for daily meals and for bed time. By varying protein powder source and other ingredients, we can achieve desired speed of digestion.

Best Protein Powder For Smoothies

Protein powders can be of great help when making various shakes and smoothies. They are relatively cheap, come in unflavored and flavored versions, can contain various protein sources and can easily increase protein content of any smoothie.

Whey protein is great protein for Post Workout Meal (PWM) shakes due to its speed of digestion - after one hour, most of the whey is digested, giving you the opportunity to eat again on an empty stomach. Obviously, whey protein is not so good choice for daily shakes and smoothies. But, speed of digestion can be slowed down using low fat and/or cottage cheese, oats, fruits, peanut butter and similar foods, thus making it suitable for breakfasts and daily snacks. If you use whey protein just for flavoring of smoothies based on low fat and cottage cheese, then it can be used even for bedtime shakes.

If we use Meal Replacement Powder based on whey or egg protein with some casein, that we can make great breakfast or daily shakes or smoothies. But if we want bed time shake or smoothie, then we simply have to use casein based protein (from powder or from some kind of cheese). Since low-fat or cottage cheese blend easily with different protein powders, oats, milled flax seeds, even fruits and veggies, possibilities for shakes and smoothies recipes are endless. By combining protein powder with fruits and dairy products, we bring out the best from both worlds.

Depending on the carbohydrate source, carbs can be slow, moderately fast or fast. Slow carbs are complex carbs found in oats and similar cereals and green vegetables. Moderately fast carbs are one found in fruits such as bananas. Fast carbs are one found in powders like glucose (dextrose) or maltodextrin.

Fats in shakes or smoothies can be very low (just fats from powder or fruits/veggies) or even high (fats from milled flax seeds, olive oil, flax seeds oil, fish oil etc). No matter how much fats are in your shakes or smoothies (and other meals), you should always try to have as healthier fats as possible.

Meal replacement shake or smoothie represents full meal.

Shakes And Smoothies That Help You Lose Weight

When making shakes and smoothies, it is very easy to measure the amount of ingredients, so they can be made according to your needs. Shakes and smoothies for weight loss should be balanced meals rich in slow digesting protein and digestive fibers in order to make one feel satiated for longer. Also, carbs and fats should be present in amounts permitted by your daily nutrition plan, but generally, fats should be healthy ones and carbs should be complex in order to avoid insulin spikes and provide constant energy levels for hours after consuming shake or smoothie.

Fruit smoothie recipes with yogurt are really quick and easy to make (put fruits in the shaker, add some yogurt, mix everything with hand blender and enjoy it!), but one must be very careful about macros in yogurt (low fat yogurt can be loaded with sugar and lactose; ordinary yogurts can increase fats intake) and fruits (some fruits are rather high in carbohydrates, so choose fruits carefully when on a diet).

Shakes And Smoothies That Help You Gain Weight

Believe it or not, but there are people struggling to gain some weight. :)

Shakes and smoothies for gaining weight must be combined with regular exercises (gym workouts, cardio workouts etc), otherwise, you are risking in gaining mostly fats and that is not very healthy, to say the least.

Shakes for gaining weight should be consumed for several reasons:

- increase general calorie intake during the day,

- avoid periods of no food (yes, many skinny people simply skip meals with no problems!),

- help build muscles using regular PWM shakes after workouts,

These shakes and smoothies should be made using MRPs based on whey protein (but NOT only whey protein) and carb sources that are easily digested like bananas, pears and other similar fruits. Such shakes and smoothies digest quickly, but not nearly as fast as PWM shakes.

In the evening, use MRP based on casein and increase fats content using peanut butter, walnuts, almonds, dark chocolate and similar foods.


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