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Lacto Ovo Vegetarian Protein Sources

eggsTrainees who eat vegetable food with dairy products and non-fertilized organic eggs (Lacto-Ovo vegetarians) can organize their nutrition with ease - much easier than vegans.

Published: February 8, 2016.

Dairy and egg products that can be used as protein sources are, but not limited to:

- Low-fat and cottage cheese – rich in protein and calcium. Protein is mostly slow-digesting and gives a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time. Great for combining with pasta and vegetables in different salads or for making fruit shakes and smoothies. For quick snacks, it can be eaten with a slice of whole wheat (or similar) bread.

- Eggs are a great source of protein, maybe the best protein available. Omega-3 eggs are rich in omega-3 and other healthy fats. Since fats are all concentrated in egg yolks, don't throw it. Eggs are usually consumed boiled, but you can also fry them on a non-stick pan, make omelets, etc. If you are on a really low-calorie diet, then eat boiled egg whites, throw away yolks from 'ordinary' eggs, but eat 2-3 omega-3 egg per day – these yolks are loaded with healthy fats, protein, iron, vitamin A and other good micronutrients, good cholesterol (HDL) included.

- Whey protein powder is produced from milk (actually, from liquid whey), so it is a dairy product. Whey protein is quickly digestible, so it is great for shakes before, during, and after workouts and with oats and similar non-sugar cereals for breakfast. Also, it can be used for making different snacks, including shakes and smoothies with low fat and cottage cheese and fruits, where other ingredients slow whey protein absorption.

- Milk protein isolate is produced from milk (obviously). It is a mix of different proteins – whey and casein, usually in 20% - 80% ratio, but this can vary. It is much slower protein than whey, so it is excellent for daily snacks, for making breakfasts with oats or other cereals, and for making shakes and smoothies with fruits and low-fat and cottage cheese

- Casein protein powder is derived from milk. It is slowly digesting protein that can be used for bedtime shakes or smoothies, but also for daily snacks or meals.

- Egg protein powder is produced from eggs. It is processed so the content of fats and cholesterol is very low when compared with the protein/fat (cholesterol) ratio in egg yolks. This is great, but on the other hand, not all cholesterol is bad. Egg protein powder is great for breakfast and for daily snacks. For bedtime, I prefer casein-based powder (or milk protein powder with a high content of casein), but if you make a shake or smoothie with low-fat or cottage cheese, you have a great bedtime meal that promotes a feeling of fullness and provide steady nutrient flow to hardly gained muscles during long hours of sleep.

Other protein sources are just as vegan sources: legumes, nuts and seeds, cereals and grains, algae, soybean, and its products, seitan, vegetable, fruits, vegan protein powders, etc.

It is important to combine vegetable protein sources with dairy products and eggs to obtain protein that is easily digested and is generally better than vegetable protein alone.

It is also possible to eat only vegetable protein and have great results, but it is much much harder ...


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