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1600 Calories Per Day Meal Plan - Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

This 1600 calories per day meal plan is suitable for both Mediterranean Diet and Carbohydrate Cycling Diet.

It is based on real food and this meal plan practically requires no supplements.

Published: February 5, 2016.

1600 Calories Diet Meal Plan

Meal Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
08:00h  Oatmeal Pancakes 2 pancakes 30g 28g 10g 3g
Blackberries 200g 2g 15g 2g 6g
11:00h  Hake Fillets 200g 35g 0g 2g 0g
Tomato 150g 1g 8g 0g 2g
14:00h   Steamed Broccoli and Salmon Filets  (1/2 of the recipe) 43g 13g  11g 5g
17:00h Mixed Salad with Egg Whites  (as in the recipe) 33g 19g 1g 6g
20:00h Steamed Broccoli and Salmon Filets  (1/2 of the recipe)  43g   13g 11g  5g
Low Fat of Cottage Cheese 200g 24g 4g 2g 0g
Total:  210g  100g  40g  27g
Calories:  840 kcal   400 kcal  360 kcal  -
Total Calories:  1600 kcal
Notes on 1600 calories diet meal plan:

salmon fillet- it is based on real food and it requires chewing of actual food - great! :)

- this meal plan is based on very healthy foods and requires no supplements - for example, omega-3 and other healthy fats are present in salmon (consumed twice per day) and omega-3 egg (used for making healthy pancakes). Various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc are present in blackberries, tomatoes, and broccoli; low fat or cottage cheese is a great source of calcium and slow-digesting protein, etc.

- One might say that fat content is low. Well, this is diet, remember! Anyway, to increase fats, feel free to add a single tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in the dinner (or tablespoon of fish oils). That is 15g of additional fats and 135 of additional calories - 55g of fats instead of 40g and 1735 calories instead of 1600 calories.

- fruit content can be increased, but be sure to consume it in moderation, for example, consume 100g of kiwis around 13:00 - that would be 1g of protein, 11g of carbohydrates, 0.5g of fats, and 4g of fibers. But kiwis are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and are kind of dessert!

Long story short - this is a good dieting plant, that requires some cooking. It will provide you with plenty of proteins and healthy fats while keeping the calories relatively low.

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