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2100 Calories Per Day Meal Plan - Balanced Meal Plan

protein pancake recipe m1This 2100 calories per day meal plan is a very balanced meal plan with calories coming closely to the 40%:40%:20% rule. It will not leave you light-headed, it will not lead to muscle catabolism or to body going to starvation mode. Most of the carbs are complex ones and they provide a steady stream of energy, needed for the body to function properly.

Published: February 5, 2016.

There are no supplements - not that I think that supplements are bad, I just like to chew my food, instead of drinking it in the form of pills and powders.

2100 Calories Diet Meal Plan

Meal Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
08:00h Protein Pancakes  two pancakes 42g 42g 8g 12g
11:00h  Omega-3 Egg Sandwich with Tomato and Cottage Cheese (as in the recipe) 26g 43g 9g 7g
13:00h Kiwi and Orange Salad (as in the recipe) 4g 40g 2g 13g
14:00h   Protein Pancakes single pancake 21g 21g 4g 6g
17:00h  Mussels with Peas and Pasta (as in the recipe) 47g 60g 22g 12g
20:00h Turkey Breast  200g 45g 0g 2g 0g
Spinach 200g 5g 7g 1g 5g
Olive or Fish Oil 5g 0g 0g 5g 0g
Total: 190g  210g  55g 55g
Calories: 760 kcal 840 kcal 500 kcal  -
Total Calories:  ~2100 kcal
Notes on 2100 calories meal plan:

mussels pasta recipe 8- protein pancakes are consumed twice, just for breakfast one eats two of them and for 14:00h snack, there is a room for only one of them. But, a very healthy fruit salad is consumed about one hour before protein pancakes - so, you will not be (very) hungry.

- this diet plan is high in fibers - great for feeling satiated and for good digestion. But, if you are not accustomed to higher fiber intake, increase your fibers gradually over few days even for a week. 

- dieting pills, yes or no? Well, there are plenty of foods consumed during the day, but if you want to speed things up and feel more energetic and less hungry, feel free to take them. Just be aware that they can cause elevated heart rate, higher blood pressure, jitters, etc. Doctor anyone?

- vitamin and mineral pills - well, if you look at the table, there are plenty of fruits (kiwis, oranges), vegetables (tomato, spinach), mussels and omega-3 egg (healthy fats), cottage cheese (calcium), etc that provide you with vitamins and minerals in abundance. Just to be sure, some multivitamin supplements can be taken, but be aware that excess fat-soluble vitamins (mainly A, D, E) can't be removed from the body as water-soluble vitamins can.

Long story short - highly recommended meal plan suitable for longer period of time - of course, vary your meals but keep your macronutrients in check.

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