Bedtime Protein Shake and Smoothie Recipe

Bedtime protein shake and smoothie are made of slow digesting protein powder and low fat or cottage cheese. Adding other ingredients improves taste and content regarding healthy fats, taste and fibers. Healthy bedtime snacks are healthy foods that make you full and satiated for long period of time.

Is it good to have a protein shake before bed?

Yes, it is good to eat some 30-60 minutes before going to bed, but this bedtime meal must be made of slow digesting protein source(s), some healthy fats and fibers. If you are endomorph, keep carbohydrates on minimum.

Mesomorphs and ectomorphs can add some carbohydrates to bedtime meals, but all those carbs must be in the form of slow digesting, insulin non-provoking, complex carbs.

The easiest way to make bed time snack is to put some casein protein powder in shaker, add some water or milk, shake it and drink it. And you are ready to go to bed.

bed time smoothie

If you want to make some very tasty bedtime shake, than I recommend you this recipe. It is very easy and straightforward.

Put some cottage or low fat cheese in shaker - 150-200g is a good measure.

bed time smoothie 1

Add some natural peanut butter - half of the tablespoon has around 25g. If you are not sure about amount, feel free to use small kitchen scale.

Peanut butter smoothie has candy like taste and has plenty of healthy fats and some fibers.

Note: Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts generally have better fatty acids profiles, but peanut butter is more than OK ...

bed time smoothie 2

Add a scoop of casein protein powder. This will also give you nice aroma - I like chocolate flavors and when mixed with peanut butter, it gives fantastic taste.

It is easier for me to be disciplined all day, when I know that I am going to eat something this tasty in the evening :o)

If you don't have casein protein powder, any Meal Replacement Powders (MRPs) based on casein protein, milk protein isolate, beef protein isolate or egg protein is good. MRPs based on whey are ok, but increase amount of low fat or cottage cheese in order to increase casein content in your shake.

If you have only whey protein powder, well, you can use that too, but you will get hungry faster when compared with protein shake/smoothie made from casein protein powder. But during the day, combination of whey protein powder and low fat and cottage cheese can give you great daily protein snacks.

bed time smoothie 3

Add some water or milk (I don't like lactose in milk, so I always add water) and mix everything using hand mixer - or use a blender or whatever you have :o)

bed time smoothie 4

By varying amount of liquid, we change consistency of our shake.

I prefer to put enough water so that I can slowly drink most of the content and then to use tablespoon to eat rest of it.

During summer, I often make this or similar smoothies in plastic containers and put them hour or two in the fridge - not freezer - and later eat it like ice cream. Very tasty, refreshing and healthy - slow digesting protein, healthy fats and fibers with taste of chocolate and peanuts - hardly can something be better :o)

 Macronutrient content of this meal:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Low Fat Cottage Cheese 150g 18g 3g 3g 0g
Peanut Butter 25g 7g 6g 14g 2g
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein 33g 24g 4g 1g 1g
Total: ~50g 13g 18g 3g
Calories: 200 kcal 52 kcal 162 kcal -

This, before bed protein shake has around 410-420 kcal, mostly from slow digesting protein and fats and some from carbs.

on casein mFiber content could be better, but this meal makes me satiated for long and taste great - good for me. Fiber content can be increased by adding milled flax seeds, whole grain oats or some fiber supplement in powder form.

Note: if 400 kcal is too much for your bedtime protein shake, consider adding less peanut butter - it tastes great, but it is full of (healthy) fats ...

In this recipe, I used Optimum Gold Standard 100% Casein - it is one of the best casein supplements on the market, but you can use whatever MRP you prefer.

Enjoy :o)