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How to Grill a Perfect Beef Steak

Beef can be great source of lean protein, some minerals and vitamins. Many diets avoid or limit consumption of red meat for various reasons, but when it is allowed, it can be used to make a fantastic meal.

Making perfect beef steak starts with choice of beef cut - ask your butcher to show you the cuts with the least fats on it and even ask him to trim down any visible fat. Of course, cuts with visible fats among red meat tend to taste better and to be softer and tender, but we want to make great tasting grilled beef steak that is NOT a cheat meal :)

Published: February 14, 2020.

grilled beef steak 12

Depending on your daily nutritional plan, beef steak can be served with mixed vegetables and some salad seasoned with salt, pepper and vinegar. If you are allowed, feel free to increase carbs by adding boiled potatoes, slice or two of whole grain bread and similar.

Lets prepare meat and mixed vegetables.

grilled beef steak 2Put the meat on the kitchen board and if there is any visible fat left, remove it.

Nice beef steak is around 2 - 2.5 cm thick and the size according to your grilling pan or your barbeque.

Put seasoning on the meat - salt, pepper and other spices and herbs that you like.

Using your hands, spread seasoning on both sides of the meat.

grilled beef steak 4To improve the taste and tenderness of the meat little bit, put plastic bag on the meat and soften meat using kitchen hammer.

Hammering meat after seasoning also helps herbs and spices to get into the meat deeper.

Plastic bag will prevent making (big) mess.

Put some mustard on the meat and spread it all over (on both sides) - again, don't add plenty of seasoning since it is not goal to kill the meat with spices and herbs, but to improve the taste and aroma.

Now, put the meat in suitable pot, add leaf or two of laurel and add a tablespoon of extra virgin oil.

grilled beef steak 7Clean small paprika or even pepperoni, slice it to pieces and put into the pot with meat and mix everything.

I prefer paprika, since it is not too strong.

Close the lid and put the meat aside for hour or two.

After that, meat is ready to be prepared.

grilled beef steak 8Barbeque is my preferred way of preparing meat and some vegetables, but it often requires too much time.

Next best thing is a non-stick grilling pan.

So, preheat non-stick grilling pan and put the meat and vegetables - in this case paprika and some zucchinis.

While grilling, it is not necessary to add any oil - we have already added some oil to meat, right?

Also, it is very important to put the meat on preheated pan, otherwise it will probably stick to the pan, no matter how good pan is.

How much time is needed for preparing such beef steak depends on many factors, but 7-10 minutes for each side is usually enough. Personally, I like my stake to be medium to well done - I prefer just a small, thin pink line in the middle of the steak :)

In the mean time, one can prepare plenty of vegetables in the same pan.

grilled beef steak 10

For this meal, as a side dish, zucchinis and paprika are served. They are low in carbs and have plenty of fibers. 

Lettuce salad with some cherry tomatoes and spring onions can be served, too - such salad is very voluminous food rich in digestive fibers and low in calories.

grilled beef steak 11

 Nutritional content and calories of grilled beef steak with mixed vegetables are given in following table:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Beef 400g 85g 0g 10g 0g
Zucchinis 300g 3g 9g 0g 3g
Paprika 100g 1g 5g 0g 2g
Olive oil 15g 0g 0g 15g 0g
Total: ~90g ~15g 25g 5g
Calories: 360 kcal 60 kcal 225 kcal -

That is around 650 kcal for single meal - nice :)

Of course, adjust amounts according to your preferences and needs. After all, due to high amount of protein, this meal is suitable as first sold meal after PWM.

If it is just a regular meal, lower amount of meat and increase amount of vegetables. Vegetables suitable for meal like this are any green and leafy vegetables, cooked without adding any extra fats. Also, to lower amount of fats, use teaspoon (5g - 45 kcal) of olive oil, not the tablespoon (15g - 135 kcal).

Also, to improve flavor, one can add some minced garlic and chopped parsley with few drops of lemon on the meat.

Serve warm.

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