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Kiwi and Orange Salad

Kiwi and orange salad is very easy to make fruit salad. It is one of my favorite most refreshing snacks.

It is full of vitamins and minerals and various antioxidants. Fiber content is also great. When refrigerated, during summer, it is a delicacy...

Published: October 28, 2016.

How to prepare the fruit salad?

kiwi orange salad 1

Peel off the oranges and put them on a wooden or plastic board.

Using a sharp knife cut the oranges to small pieces and put them in Tupperware boxes.

kiwi orange salad 3

Peel off the kiwis.

Again, using a sharp knife cut the kiwis into small pieces.

kiwi orange salad 5

Put the kiwis in the Tupperware boxes with oranges.

kiwi orange salad 7

Three in the row :o)

Take a spoon and gently mix the fruits. You can put all the fruits in a single pot, mix them there, and then put them in individual boxes.

Enjoy :o)

I always prepare at least two, preferably three boxes of this salad. One I eat right away, others I keep in the fridge where it can stay maybe a day. It can stay maybe even longer, but I usually eat them before they have a chance of getting spoiled :o)

Nutrient content in this meal (per box):

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fat Fibers
Kiwis 200g 2g 21g 1g 8g
Oranges 200g 2g 18g 1g 5g
Total: 4g 40g 2g 13g
Calories: 16 kcal 160 kcal 18 kcal -

Total calories are a little bit less than 200 kcal.

This is a great salad, a great snack. If you are not on ketogenic or some similar diet, I can highly recommend this type of snack, at least once a day. 40g of carbs are not much compared to the fullness of taste and a bunch of vitamins and minerals that this meal is full of. When dieting, on training days I allow myself a box a day of this salad. When I do clean mass, I try to eat a box a day o  this or a similar fruit salad.

If 40g of carbohydrate is too much, put only one medium-size orange and only two kiwis.

This salad is also good for vegetarians since there are no animal foods in the meal.

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