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Mixed Fruits Smoothie - Nectarine, Banana and Blackberries Smoothie/Juice

Smoothies made using several fruits can be rather tasty, can be loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and can provide an almost instant increase in energy levels for everybody, even athletes taking part in some sports.

Smoothie/juice made using nectarine, banana and blackberries tastes great, is loaded with some vitamins and minerals, while antioxidants help boost the immune system. Simple and medium complex carbs help replenish carbohydrate reserves and increase energy.

Published: August 24, 2021.

mixed fruits smoothie 1

Mixed fruits smoothie is simple and quick to make - clean a nectarine and chop it into smaller chunks, peel off the banana and wash some blackberries.

mixed fruits smoothie 2

Put the fruits in the blender, add some ice cubes if You like and blend everything.

Note: If You don't like seeds from blackberries and pulp in general, consider getting a juicer with good juice filtration (centrifugal or masticating).

If You like a thicker texture that can be consumed with the spoon, don't add water. If You like thin juice, feel free to add some water or even a few drops of lemon.

mixed fruits smoothie 3

After thorough blending, pour the smoothie into the glass and enjoy it.

Depending on the type of blender/juicer, smoothie/juice can be kept in the fridge for few hours to few days.

mixed fruits smoothie 4

And that's all. People on the Keto diet can't enjoy smoothies like this one unless it is their reload day.

But, people even on low carbs diet can fit a smoothie like this one from time to time and enjoy all of its benefits.


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