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Mixed Fruits Smoothie With Cottage Cheese

Mixed fruits smoothies and shakes are great refreshing drinks that can be made in no time with available fruits and other foods. Cottage cheese, on the other hand, is great source of lean, slow-digesting protein, making this suitable for breakfasts and daily snacks.

Published: January 28, 2016.

mixed fruits smoothieThis smoothie consists of 4 fruits: an orange, a kiwi fruit, a banana and strawberries.

Blend the orange and pour it into the glass.

Do the same with kiwi fruit, just don't mix the orange and kiwi in the glass.


mixed fruits smoothieUsing sharp knife, slice the banana and put it into the glass.

Blend strawberries and cottage cheese and put them onto the banana slices.

When blending the fruits, there is no need to add extra liquids.

As decoration, add some dark chocolate and enjoy :) Serve right away, or refrigerated for 20-30 minutes.

mixed fruits smoothie 5

If you are in the rush, just put all ingredients into the blender and blend everything - taste is great both ways, however, I personally like variations in taste while I eat/drink smoothies/shakes like this.

Nutritional information is given in the following table:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Orange  125g 1g 14g 0g 3g
Kiwi Fruit  75g 1g 11g 0g 2g
Banana  100g 1g 23g 0g 3g
Strawberries  100g 0g 8g 0g 2g
Cottage Cheese  100g 12g 3g 2g 0g
Dark Chocolate  10g 1g 5g 3g 1g
Total: ~15g ~64g ~6g 11g
Calories:  60 kcal 256 kcal 54 kcal -

This smoothie contains around 370 kcal, mostly from carbs. As such, it is suitable for daily snacks and breakfasts.

In order to decrease amount of carbs and fats and increase amount of protein, don't add banana and dark chocolate and double the amount of cottage cheese.

In that case, this smoothie would have:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Orange  125g 1g 14g 0g 3g
Kiwi Fruit  75g 1g 11g 0g 2g
Strawberries  100g 0g 8g 0g 2g
Cottage Cheese  200g 24g 6g 4g 0g
Total:  ~25g ~40g ~4g 7g
Calories:  100 kcal 160 kcal 36 kcal -

This simple change has decreased the amount of calories from 370 to around 300 kcal. Also, protein is increased from 15 to 25g, carbs decreased from 64 to 40g. Unfortunately, fibers are also decreased from 11 to 7g, however, this meal still contains one quarter of daily required fibers.

To further increase the amount of proteins, add some neutral or fruit-flavored MRP.

As always, adjust the amount of ingredients according to your needs and goals.


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