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Quick MRP Shakes Using Optimum Nutrition Whey and Casein

Meal Replacement Powder (MRP) supplements are an excellent solution for quick daily shakes and smoothies when real food is not available - after all, better a good MRP than some fast-food meal loaded with unhealthy fats and simple carbs.

MRPs can be purchased from online and local shops, but one can also make them at home if the right ingredients are available.

Published: November 28, 2020.

on cas whey mrp 1

One of my favorite MRPs is an MRP based on the Optimum Nutrition Casein and Whey protein supplements.

Casein protein supplement provides nutrients that digest slowly over a longer period of time and slow down the digestion of other food/supplements. Also, when used without other protein powders, casein protein powder is an excellent slow-digesting MRP that can be used for bedtime shakes and smoothies as well.

Whey protein digests much quicker and it should be used only for protein shakes right after the workouts, unless being slowed down by other food/supplements.

The third key ingredient is milled oats - they provide plenty of complex carbs, fibers, and some healthy fats and plant protein. Also, oats are rich in certain vitamins and minerals.

My goal is to make 3 MRP shakes with ~33g of ON Casein, ON Whey, and milled oats, each, and use them during my a day while being away - this will keep me satiated and I should easily stay away from the restaurant or any similar food.

Note: the author of this article is a 100+ kg, 40+ year athlete (in few years, 50 :) ) with a very slow metabolism. Protein shakes are great, but real food is the real food :)

on cas whey mrp 2

Take three dry protein shaker bottles and fill them with 33g of milled oats, each.

Note: be sure that the shaker bottles are fully dry - if unsure, dry them with a hairdryer.

on cas whey mrp 3

Now, add 33g of ON Casein and some C vitamin in each shaker - I like to add 100-200mg of C vitamin in my shakes, since C vitamin is a very important anti-oxidant, and required in larger amounts when traveling or working out hard or similar.

Also, any excess of vitamin C is easily eliminated via urine.

on cas whey mrp 4

Now, add 33g of ON Whey protein powder to each shaker bottle and close the lids firmly.

And that is it - 3 MRP shakes containing ~100g of protein powders and oats per shaker are done.

Note: 100g of protein powder and oats is a lot for people not used to such meals. But, such amount and combination can keep an adult man going for hours.

Also, it is absolutely the same if You add casein and then whey or whey and then casein. Also, other casein and whey protein supplements can be used as well.

If You are in a process of working out hard, perhaps You can consider adding a few grams of BCAA in each shaker. Also, some glutamine powder can be added in order to help with the immune system, etc.

There are other supplements and foods that can be added, but I like the KISS principle - Keep It Simple and Stupid: just casein, whey, milled oats, and C vitamin.

on cas whey mrp 5

These shakes can be used at the moment notice - just add plain water, shake it and drink it.

Also, they can be kept for days in a dry and cool place.

And never forget, supplements are great, but real food is the real food.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check these Amazon links (links open in the new window):

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- Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

Of course, when traveling, shakes are great, but there are other options as well, for example, You can eat some fruits (highly recommended), RTD (Ready to Drink) meals, protein bars, or one can get a nice, well-balanced sandwich using a whole-grain bagel, some low fat or cottage cheese and few cherry tomatoes. Or something similar. But, that is another story ...


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