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Simple Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Blueberry smoothies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and when you combine them with good source of protein, can be great meal or daily snack. When dieting, this and similar smoothies are like candies ...

Published: January 28, 2016.

How to Make Fruit Smoothies

This is a very simple recipe. It takes no cooking, just mixing desired ingredients with hand mixer (or anything similar) in suitable pot - I usually use shakers since they are easy to clean and I have them always around.

One note regarding blueberry stains (and similar stains) - avoid them :o) Seriously, I always wear a black shirt when having blueberries, blackberries, and similar fruits for smoothies. Even if I get the stains, they are really hard to see :o)

blueberry smoothie

OK, let's make a blueberry smoothie. Put smoothies into the shaker - they can be both fresh or frozen. If they are frozen, leave them some 30 minutes at room temperature to defrost. If you don't have time, make this smoothie with warm (not hot!) water or milk - this will defrost them little bit quickly.

Add cottage or low-fat cheese - most of the protein in cheese comes from casein - a very slow-digesting form of protein. This will make this smoothie both healthy but also very fulfilling.

With cottage or low-fat cheese added, this smoothie is an acceptable smoothie even for Lacto-ovo vegetarians.

Add some water or milk.

In order to increase content of protein, you can add some protein powder - vanilla flavor or any berry flavor will do fine. Also, protein powder can be some Vegan Protein Powder, whey protein, Meal Replacement Powder (MRP) protein blend, or even casein protein powder. Slowest digesting version of this smoothie is, of course, combination of cheese with casein protein powder, but even combination of 'ordinary' whey with cheese will give you a meal that will keep you going for hours...

blueberry smoothie

Using a hand mixer/blender, mix everything.

Note: Although blueberries are really healthy fruits with many health benefits for humans, whenever I feel tired or simply 'low energy', I add some vitamin C in powdered form. This increases the bitterness of this smoothie, but I kind of like it :o)

If you don't add cottage or any other cheese, but you add only plant-based protein powder, you will make blueberry smoothie good even for vegans.

blueberry smoothie

Blueberry smoothie is finished. Depending on the amount of water (or milk), you can drink this smoothie or eat it with a spoon. During summer, I always put less water and after making a smoothie, I put it into the freezer for 30 minutes - it is like blueberry ice cream.

Who says that dieting and good tasty food don't come together :o)

Nutritional values of blueberry smoothie are:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Blueberries 150g 1g 13g 0.5g 6g
Cottage Cheese 150g 18g 4g 3g 0g
Total: 19g 17g 3.5g 6g
Calories: 76 kcal 68 kcal 32 kcal -

That is around 175 kcal in this smoothie - mostly from protein and carbs, some from fat. Fiber content is also very good.

If you want to increase the protein content of this smoothie, add some protein powder. For berry and similar smoothies, Ultimate Nutrition Protein Sensation 81 - Vanilla Cream or Berry Blast Off flavors - is great, but any similar MRP will do fine.

So, if you add just 25g of this powder, the nutritional values of this smoothie are:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Blueberries 150g 1g 13g 0.5g 6g
Cottage Cheese 150g 18g 4g 3g 0g
UN Protein Sensation 81 25g 20g 2.5g 1g 0g
Total: ~40g ~20g 5g 6g
Calories: 160 kcal 80 kcal 45 kcal -

This smoothie has around 285 kcal, mostly from slow-digesting protein that will keep you satiated for long. Not to mention all the benefits of blueberries.

Of course, you can always vary amounts of ingredients to achieve desired nutrient content.

Vegan Smoothie Recipe

If you combine blueberries with plant-based protein powder, you can make a great vegan smoothie. These kinds of smoothies are recommendable not only to vegans but to all people having problems or allergies when consuming cheese or milk-based (whey protein, casein protein, milk isolate protein, etc) protein powders. On the other hand, good vegan protein powders are more expensive than milk-based protein powders.

In this example, Ultimate Nutrition Wheat Protein Isolate is used as plant protein powder, but any similar can be used. Nutritional values of such smoothie would be:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Blueberries 150g 1g 13g 0.5g 6g
UN Wheat Protein Isolate 25g 21g 3g 0.5g 0g
Total: 22g 16g 1g 6g
Calories: 88 kcal 64 kcal 9 kcal -

This vegan smoothie has around 160 kcal, with most calories coming from protein, some from carbs, and with almost no fats. Fiber content is good.


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