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Simple Raspberry Casein Bedtime Protein Smoothie

Combining raspberries and casein protein powder, one can make a tasty and very healthy casein protein smoothie, which can be consumed during the day as a healthy snack or even as a full meal or as bedtime protein smoothie.

Published: May 30, 2017

simple raspberry protein bedtime smoothie 1In a suitable pot put some raspberries. Raspberries can be found all year long, fresh or frozen. Fresh raspberries taste better, but frozen raspberries are also good for smoothies and shakes.

During summer, making smoothies with frozen fruits makes very refreshing meals, that help cool down, hydrate, and feed the body with required nutrients.

simple raspberry protein bedtime smoothie 2After adding raspberries, add casein protein powder, in this case Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein protein powder, Vanilla flavor.

Optimum Casein is an excellent casein protein powder and one of the best on the market.

For breakfasts and daily snacks, casein protein powder is not absolutely required, but for bedtime shakes, it is IMHO the only option.

Now, put some water into the pot and blend everything using a hand blender. The amount of water depends on the amount of ingredients and desired consistency.

Feel free to eat the smoothie right away, or pour it into the glass, add a strawberry and some dark chocolate chips.

Enjoy! :)

simple raspberry protein bedtime smoothie 3

Macronutrient content depends on the amount of ingredients and used protein powder.

The nutritional value of this berry protein smoothie is given in the following table:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Raspberries 200g 2g 14g 1g 10g
Strawberries 20g 0g 2g 0g 0g
Optimum Nutrition Casein 33g 25g 3g 1g 1g
Dark Chocolate 10g 1g 5g 3g 1g
Total: 28g ~24g ~5g 12g
Calories: 112 kcal 96 kcal 45 kcal -

This protein smoothie has ~250 kcal, mostly from protein and carbs and some from fats. Fibers content is 12g, which is very good - it helps keep one satiated for a longer period of time.

As long as one uses berries and slow-digesting protein powder, glycemic load is kept to the minimum.

Regardless if you are on a diet, or you just want to eat something healthy, raspberry-casein protein smoothie is highly recommended for almost any occasion - breakfasts, daily snacks or meals, or even as a bedtime protein smoothie.

It is not so recommended right after exercises in the gym or on home treadmill - in that case, just mix your berries with a good whey protein powder and help your body with recovery and regeneration.


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