3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill is big, sturdy and durable home folding treadmill. It comes with many great features, including strong motor, many built-in workout programs, respectable maximum user weight, but it also comes with 'nice' price tag. But, what you pay is what you get.

3G Cardio is a small company in health and fitness equipment industry that produces Vibration Platforms and so far have produced a few treadmills. The company has introduced Pro Runner in a convenient folding design and with a superior reliability.

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3G Cardio Pro Runner Assembly

You will have to assemble your Pro Runner though you can opt for an in-home service for a price.
It’s better to designate a place for your Pro Runner beforehand. While it’s foldable, once you assemble it and place it at the designated spot, you will hardly want to move it as it weighs more than 245 pounds! However, it’s equipped with a couple of wheels to facilitate moving around your home.

Another important thing to consider its location is a power socket nearby.

You may need an assistant or two and total setup will take around a couple of hours.

Features of the Pro Runner

- Pro Runner assures extra comfort with the Ortho Flex ShockTM Suspension. The treadmill comes with an orthopedic running belt that runs smoothly and quietly on 2” rollers. Another element that helps this treadmill run smoothly is the 3.0 HP continuous duty motor which also allows the machine to bear weights up to 350 pounds.

- A comfortable 15% incline and speed up to 12mph are provided. Easy One Touch keys for incline and speed are provided on the console.

- A multi-speed cooling fan and two water bottle holders have been provided on the console of 3G Cardio Pro Runner. However, speakers or audio ports are absent.

- You will get three screens instead of a regular one, one for tracking heart rate (to track your zone to achieve your goal), the other is a workout matrix screen where you can get information like distance, speed, calories burned and more, and still other is a LCD dot matrix track for tracking distance.

- Pro Runner is equipped with 8 built-in exercise programs, 3 fitness test programs and 2 custom programs; plus, you can custom design your own workout too. Moreover, it also features contact grip sensors that facilitate cordless heart rate monitoring features. You can also have a chest strap heart rate monitor; but it’s not included with the treadmill.

Warranties and Guarantee

3G Cardio Pro Runner provides the following warranties:
- A residential 1 year warranty on labor
- 5 year warranty on parts
- Lifetime warranty on motor and frame


You will need some maintenance for your Pro Runner; but don’t worry as it won’t take long. You will need to ensure that the belt is tight, lubricate the mat and more of such tasks. The manual is extremely useful for this purpose.

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Computer Features

- LED/LCD display
- Cool-down program that starts automatically four minutes before the end of your workout
- 49 built-in programs
- 5 ramp speeds and 5 ramp inclines
- 5 hill speed and 5 hill incline
- 5 interval speed and 5 interval incline
- 5 peak speed and 5 peak incline
- Heart rate (Aerobic and fat burn)
- Goal (Distance, Time and Calorie)
- Fitness tests (Cooper, BMI and Gerkin)
- Manual

3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill Pros

Ortho Flex ShockTM Suspension System: Pro Runner provides this unique system that works with large 2” rollers and an orthopedic running belt that offer a comfortable as well as dependable workout experience that are easy on joints.
Can be Stored Away: Being easily and nicely foldable, Pro Runner can be stored away when not in use, occupying less space.

Range of Workouts: Pro Runner provides 8 built-in workouts, three fitness test workouts, two heart-rate programs and customizable programs. You get speed and incline options of ramp, interval, hill and peak (the 8 programs). Plus, within each of these, you get five intensity levels which total to 40 programs.

One Touch Keys: With the One Touch convenient keys provided on the console of Pro Runner, you can easily make quick changes to the speed/incline. You get settings for 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 mph for a quick increase or decrease in speed. For incline you get settings of 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10% for a quick increase or decrease in the incline.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on motor and frame

Convenient Incline: 15% incline offers ability to work on target muscles and endurance training

And Few Cons ...

Running Area is Small: The running area of Pro Runner is below the average, i.e. 20.5” x 58”. This can be a problem for taller people or anybody seeking a roomy running area.

No Audio: Console of Pro Runner lacks built-in speakers and MP3 compatibility. And it doesn’t even have a tablet holder or media shelf.

Display: The display screens are very small and can pose problems while you try to track your workout stats. They also weaken the looks of the console area.

No Downloading of Exercise Data: Pro Runner doesn’t let you download your exercise data or connect to any 3rd party software.

No Chest Strap Monitor: Pro Runner has an ability to connect to chest strap monitor, but the monitor is not included in the price. You have to buy it separately.

3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill User Experience

As mentioned earlier, 3G Cardio Pro Runner is not ready to go out of the box. Those who are not ready to pay an extra for assembly service have to assemble it themselves; but users find it not very difficult even done on their own without a help, though not very easy because of the heavy parts.

The folding feature has also been found to be great as it is easy to fold though even after folding, the machine looks quite large-sized. However, you have an assurance that you can reduce its footprint when you want to. While unfolding, it unfolds quietly and without your help and also without a slam on the floor.

Regarding performance, Pro Runner has been found to be extremely sturdy, especially at higher speeds and it’s also very quiet. While 3G Cardio recommends placing a mat underneath, the machine is quite peaceful.

Users are happy with the pre-programmed workouts as most use not more than a few, but can enjoy a satisfaction to have a lot of choices. Also, it can meet the needs of users having a variety of workout choices.

The built-in fan adjusts according to the user’s height, i.e. up and down.

The display, however, has been found to be minimal. There are also some minor issues with the heart rate sensors. Also the workout duration and distance cannot be checked simultaneously and for every set of stat you have to toggle between the mode buttons; though these are not big issues, they make the machine non-optimal.

Another such minor issue is the lack of entertainment. If you don’t have a TV or any other entertainment in the same room as that of your Pro Runner, you are out of luck, as Pro Runner has no shelf or tablet holder.

The bottom line is that 3G Cardio Pro Runner is a great treadmill for those who don’t want many modern features, but just a simple, yet very sturdy and dependable treadmill.

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