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Bowflex Treadclimbers TC10, TC20, TC100, and TC200 - Reviews and Comparison

Bowflex TreadClimbers TC10, TC20, TC100 and TC200 are 3-in-1 cardio machines that combines best features of treadmills, stair climbers and ellipticals. They provide the users with low-impact cardio workouts that are very easy on the joints and are great for increasing stamina, increasing the amount of burned calories, and losing fats. However, they are also very pricey exercise machines that have certain limitations.

Published: December 28, 2017.

Bowflex TreadClimbers TC10 and TC20 are older models and are being replaced with the newest models TC100 and TC200.

bowflex tc100 tc200 treadclimbers

Bowflex TreadClimbers TC100 (left) and TC200 (right)

TreadClimbers are cardio exercise machines that have a dual treadle system, unlike 'classic' treadmills which generally have only one walking/running tread. TreadClimbers offers the benefits of three exercise machines in one:

Action 1 - the TreadClimbers perform like a treadmill, with belts that move as one walks forward.

Action 2 - the TreadClimbers perform like a stair climber, with two independent treadles that move up and down.

Action 3 - combined Action 1 and Action 2 - the TreadClimbers perform like an elliptical trainer with rather smooth, low-impact forward motion.

Treadclimbers are often advertised as to 'Burn up to 3.5 times the calories in the same amount of time as other cardio machines' - well, they don't do that. To burn 3.5x more calories, one would have to breath in 3.5x more oxygen and that would require 3.5x faster heart rate and that would kill any human being. This is a little bit simplified, but it is important to know not only the benefits and features these machines have but also their issues and problems.

How much is a TreadClimber - TreadClimber price?

Treadclimbers are not cheap exercise machines. New models cost around twice the price of a good, high-end, home treadmill, but they can replace three different exercise machines. Older models can be found on sale, at the price of good home treadmill or elliptical. So, if you like a 3-in-1 solution, that also saves space, go for treadclimbers. Note: check Amazon and other online stores for prices. Since TC10 and TC20 are now being phased out, it is possible that their prices will go down and TC100 and TC200 can be occasionally found on sale.

Although motorized, TreadClimbers can be used only for walking - treadles are soft, easy on joints, and comfortable during walking and the operation is really smooth, but treadles are spaced apart, and running is next to impossible even when treadclimbers are used as ordinary treadmills - personally, I tried once to run on a treadclimber, but it felt very odd, to say the least :)

Treadclimbers are rather complicated machines and should be properly assembled and calibrated, preferably by Bowflex's technicians. Although treadclimbers have a pair of transport wheels, they are heavy and large, often wider than common doorways, and hence should be placed on a permanent position - they don't fold in any way. Due to the weight, it is highly recommendable to place a rubber mat (or something similar, depending on the floor type - carpet, wood, tiles ...) to protect the floor.

bowflex tc20 wheels

TC10 and TC100 models come with a stepping platform and shorter treadles, while TC20 and TC200 have no such platform, but have longer treadles. If you are used to stepping off TC10/TC100 by simply stepping backward, be very careful when trying that on TC20/TC200 - you have to step backward and down or simply step aside and then off the machine.

Treadclimbers are motorized units and when used as common treadmills, noise is comparable to other treadmills. When used as stair climbers or treadclimber, they are somewhat noisier, but still nothing that would disturb people in other rooms. If someone is, for example, watching TV in the room where treadclimbers are used, volume often has to be increased, but not by much.

TC10 and TC20 models use easily readable LCD displays, except that TC20 uses a backlit LCD display, which is easily readable even in low light conditions.

tc100 tc200 monitors

Bowflex TreadClimbers TC100 and TC200 bring many improvements when compared with TC10 and TC20. They both feature new, interactive, fully backlit LCD screens and enable one to charge a tablet, phone, or music player on the redesigned media shelf with a built-in USB charging port.

One of the things to have in mind is ceiling height - for example, TC10's treadles are 14 inches (~35.5 cm), TC20's treadles are 17 inches (~43 cm),  TC100's treadles are 14.5 inches (36.8 cm) and TC200's treadles are 17 inches (~43 cm) off the floor at their highest point and taller people could have problems with low ceilings.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10/TC100 and TC20/TC200 are very similar cardio machines. TC10/TC100 are considered to be the 'midrange', while TC20/TC200 are considered to be the 'top-of-the-line' exercise machine. TC10/TC100 are somewhat smaller, with lower maximum speed, and are lighter. They are all rather sturdy machines with a maximum user limit of 300 pounds (~136 kg). The exact differences can be found in the following comparison table.

Bowflex Treadclimbers TC10, TC20, TC100, and TC200 Comparison Table

Model Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 Bowflex Treadclimber TC20 Bowflex Treadclimber TC100 Bowflex Treadclimber TC200
Photo bowflex treadclimber tc10 bowflex treadclimber tc20 bowflex treadclimber tc100 s bowflex treadclimber tc200 s
Maximum Speed 4 mph (~6.4 km/h) 4.5 mph (~7.2 km/h) 4 mph (~6.4 km/h)  4.5 mph (~7.2 km/h) 
Saved User Profiles 1 2 2 4
Integrated Heart Rate Monitor No Yes No Yes
Extended Treadles No Yes No Yes
Display Type LCD Backlit LCD Backlit LCD  Backlit LCD 
Display Functions Speed, Distance, Time, Calories Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, User Profiles Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, User Profiles  Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, User Profiles 
Dimensions WxHxD 30.3x52.3x50.6 inches (~77x133x129 cm) 31.5x55.25x55 inches (~80x140x140 cm) 31.5"x57"x31.5"x59" inches  (~80x144.8x149.9 cm)  31.5"x55"x62.5 inches (~80x139.7x158.8 cm) 
Treadles Height Off the Floor
(at the highest point)
14 inches (~35.5 cm) 17 inches (~43 cm) 14.5 inches (36.8 cm)  17 inches (~43 cm) 
Maximum User Weight 300 pounds (~136 kg) 300 pounds (~136 kg)  300 pounds (~136 kg)  300 pounds (~136 kg)
Unit Weight 185 pounds (~84 kg) 217 pounds (~98.5 kg) 158 lbs (~71.8 kg)  202 lbs (~91.6 kg) 
Warranty  2 years 3 years 2 years 3 years
Amazon Link - - Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Amazon links in the table - all links open in the new windows.

Our recommendation - if you have room to spare and money to spend, and especially if you have more family members willing to exercise at home, for the money you can spend on these treadclimbers (especially the T200 model), you can buy at least two, even three, medium to high-end treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, stationary bikes or any similar exercise machines you like and have great cardio workouts at home.

However, if you like all-in-one exercise machines, don't have much free space, don't mind workout at different times (if you have more family members willing to workout), consider these treadclimbers. They are big, sturdy, durable, and come with many options.

Is the difference between T100 and T200 models worth it? In most cases no, but taller people and people with longer strides will be more comfortable with T200 models - if they have a high enough ceiling.

Also, T200 has a longer warranty, five standard workouts (Just Walk, Calorie Goal, Distance Goal, Time Goal, and Intervals) and has few more details which all make this model costs 50% more than the T100 model, for example, TC200 comes with free 'TreadClimber App' with integrated Bluetooth technology and customizable programming which adapts to meet trainee fitness goals.

If you have any health issues, like heart problems, be sure to use a heart rate monitor and adjust the load to your needs in agreement with your doctor - TC200 comes with Heart Rate Zone Light Bar enabling one to easily monitor heart rate and keep it within desired boundaries.

Older TC10 and TC20 are smaller and heavier than TC100 and TC200, however they all have the same maximum user weight of 300 pounds (~136 kg).

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to follow Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber and Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber Amazon links (all links open in the new windows).

For people who prefer simpler home exercise machines, one of the best solutions is mid to high-end treadmills - such exercise machines are suitable 'only' for walking and running, but that is usually more than enough for melting fat and increasing strength and stamina.

Discontinued Bowflex Treadclimbers

With the introduction of TC100 and TC200, TC10 and TC20 models are being phased out - they still can be found brand new at very favorable prices.

Bowflex is a reputable company and spare parts for much older TreadClimbers can be easily found. And don't forget that it is You who do the workout, not a piece of the equipment, regardless of how expensive that equipment is! :)

'Entry' level Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 is discontinued treadclimber. It was manual (motor-less, hence, rather quiet) treadclimber, lighter and cheaper than TC10 and TC20 and very quiet during operation. TC5 and other discontinued treadclimbers can be found as used or as used-refurbished equipment at very acceptable prices. However, even such 'acceptable prices' are in the range of high-end brand new treadmills, stairclimbers, and ellipticals - choose according to your own needs and preferences.

Short description and features of TC5, TC5000, and other (recently) discontinued treadclimbers is given in the following list:

bowflex treadclimber tc5Bowflex Treadclimber TC5

- Speed range: 0 to 4.5 mph

- Electronic functions: Speed, distance, time, and calories

- Dimensions: 27 x 52.8 x 43.1 inches

- Capacity: 300 pounds

- Weight: 163 pounds

- Warranty: 1 year

bowflex treadclimber tc1000Bowflex Treadclimber TC1000

- Maximum Walking Speed: 0.5 to 3.8 mph (0 to 6.1 kph)

- Resistance Range: 0 - 12

- Electronic Functions: Speed, distance and time

- Dimensions: 46"L x 28.5" W x 55.25"H (117x72x140 cm)

- Assembled Weight: 185 pounds (84 kg)

- Maximum Capacity: 300 pounds (136 kg)

bowflex treadclimber tc3000Bowflex Treadclimber TC3000

- Maximum speed: 0.7-4.0 mph (1.1-6.4 km/h)

- Resistance range: 0-12 levels

- Electronic functions: speed, distance, time, calories per minute, total calories, and total steps

- Computer indicator shows calories per minute and total calories burned

- Dimensions: 46 x 28.5 x 55.25 inches (117 x 72 x 140 cm)

- Assembled weight: 185 pounds (84 kg)

- Maximum user capacity: 300 pounds (136 kg)

bowflex treadclimber tc5000Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000

- Maximum speed: 0.7 to 4.0 miles per hour/1.1 to 6.4 kilometers per hour

- Resistance range: 0 to 12 levels

- Electronic functions: Speed, distance, total steps, time, calories per minute, total calories, climb indicator, and heart rate

- Wireless heart rate monitor display shows heart rate at a glance for optimal fat burning (machine includes wireless chest strap monitor)

- Computer indicator shows calories per minute and total calories burned

- Quick start feature remembers last weight and resistance settings

- Ergonomic console provides easy access to water bottles and magazines

- Climb indicator visually tracks elevation gain in feet

- Dimensions: 46 inches long by 30 inches wide by 55.25 inches tall (117 by 76 by 140 centimeters)

- Assembled weight: 185 pounds/84 kilograms

- Maximum user capacity: 300 pounds/136 kilograms

bowflex treadclimber tc200 sBowflex TreadClimbers can help the user to burn significant amount of calories, to lose body fats and to increase muscle mass and stamina. And all those great features come with a nice price tag - but, what you pay is what you get. For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to follow:

- Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber

- Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber

Amazon links (all links open in the new windows).


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