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Horizon Fitness T303 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T303 Treadmill is one of the 3 top-line machines in the T series by Horizon. It has improvements over the previous two, i.e. T101 and T202. For example, it has a running deck with an increased length which is 5” more than that of the T101 and T202.

Thus the deck has an impressive size of 20” x 60”. Users can walk as well as run on this treadmill with its speed of 12mph and incline of 12% which are the same as T202 though.

Published: April 18, 2020.

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Horizon Fitness T303 Treadmill Specifications

- Motor: 3.0 CHP

- Dimensions when assembled: 75" x 34" x 58" (L x W x H)

- Dimensions when folded: 47" x 34" x 65" (L x W x H)

- Speed: 0.5 to 12 MPH

- Incline: 0% to 12%

- Maximum User Weight Capacity: 325 lbs.

- Electrical requirements: 60Hz - 120V

- Warranty: Lifetime warranty on motor and frame, 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor

Note: all of the data were taken from the official Horizon web site - when buying a new Horizon T303 treadmill (or any other treadmill or exercise machine), check the most current information, especially about the warranty conditions.

Features of Horizon Fitness T303


The 3.0 CHP motor on the T303 is extremely powerful and yet very quiet because although it has good horsepower rating, it has lower revolutions per minute and its Johnson Drive System is ultra-quiet. So, the motor stays cooler for longer-lasting performance and also, users can listen to their favorite music or other entertainment while exercising.

horizon t303 console


The console of T303 is the largest and most advanced of all the Horizon T-series machines. It has 3 LED Windows and a backlit LCD screen that displays user’s stats, including distance, segment time, total time, speed, incline, speed, pace, heart rate and calories.

Custom Keys

The T303 has got a very cool feature of customizing speed and interval settings so that users can directly jump to those settings while walking or running. Users just have to hold down the Interval 1 or Interval 2 key to save their preferred speed and incline settings for HIIT workouts. HIIT involves a mix of fast runs and then recovery walks or jogs.

Users have to keep one of the interval keys pressed before starting the workout and save a speed and incline. They can set a different amount for the other button. When they start the workout, they should press their desired interval button and the light will be on.

The selected intensity levels adjust the controls at once. The settings continue that way until the user presses down the button again and the light will go off. This means that users can alternate between fast exercise and slow recovery runs.

Workout Programs

The T303 has 7 built-in workout programs viz. Fat Burn, Hill Climb, My First 5K, Heart Rate, Distance, Calories and Interval, and it has a manual program too. These programs are developed for people with any level of fitness, and most of them have levels that become more challenging as the user goes higher.

Among these programs, the “My First 5K” program is unique and is not commonly seen in other treadmills. This is a 9-week program to get users up and running for about 30 minutes using a mix of walking and running. Users start with walking a lot but as the program proceeds, the running time extends until users can run 5k.

There is also a setting for a warm-up and cool down. The manual has got all the details so users can know how long each walk and run will take. Users can specify the speed so that they won’t have to do anything they can’t.

horizon t303 deck

Spacious Running Deck

Since the length of the T303 is 60”, it offers users extra room as compared to other treadmills in this price range. It’s comfortable for users to run (or walk) without feeling cramped.

3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning

The running deck of the T303 comes with a 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning i.e. it has 3 different strike zones to offer a perfect amount of flex and support in every phase of user’s stride.

FeatherLight Folding Frame and Hydraulic Lift

The T303 has a FeatherLight Folding design so that users can store it away after using. There is a hydraulic lift system for folding the machine which makes the folding very easy. After folding, the machine can be moved to the desired storage place with the help of convenient wheels on the bottom.

horizon t303 trays


T303 comes with a workout fan with 3 speed settings to keep users cool. It also has audio in/out jack and Bluetooth speakers.

Also there is a bottle holder and there is a spacious accessory tray too to store phone, tablet, keys etc.

The console has got a few different media shelves so users can choose where they want to store their phone or tablet.

With the advanced Bluetooth, users can quickly connect to multiple devices thereby getting an ability to track heart rate, stream media through integrated speakers and more.

Users can also access a free no-subscription Pro app with which they can connect their tablet and Bluetooth heart rate monitor and control their workout from their device’s touchscreen. The app can also push their workout stats to their other favorite fitness tracking apps, such as Under Armour and Fitbit. Thus it enables users to keep all their data conveniently in one place.

Pros of Horizon Fitness T303

- 3.0 CHP powerful motor

- Extra length of running belt enabling longer stride

- 3 LED windows and a backlit LCD screen

- 7 built-in workout programs including a unique program named ‘My First 5K’

- 2 custom Interval keys that offer more control over workout

- 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning

- Add-ons like cooling fan, audio jack, built-in speakers, accessory tray, bottle holder and multi-position tablet holders

- Quiet operation

- Good warranty

Cons of Horizon Fitness T303

- Unit is relatively heavy, but it can be moved with transport wheels and can be stored away when not in use

- Customer service could be better

Bottom Line

The Horizon Fitness T303 can be called one of the most advanced treadmills for its price, given some unique features like the ‘My First 5K’ program and custom Interval keys, among other bells and whistles like 6 other workout programs and a manual program, a powerful 3.0 CHP motor, a console with multiple displays, the 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning, free Pro app to control the workout, easy hydraulic lift and convenient folding design, and add-ons like workout fan, audio jack, media tray and a bottle holder.

When used and maintained properly, buyers can expect a long-term operation. All in all, this machine can give users what they expect - proper cardio workouts at home.

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