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ProForm PFTL99715 Power 995i Exercise Treadmill

The ProForm PFTL99715 Power 995i Exercise Treadmill (shortened to Power 995i) is a strongly built treadmill and has been added with some really neat features such as a big 60” running surface, a powerful 3.0 CHP motor, 15% incline option, and ProShox Cushioning.

This well-designed treadmill comes with a lifetime motor and frame warranties which shows that the manufacturer has great confidence in the machine.

ProForm is a reputable company well known for giving high quality, yet economical exercise equipment. Apart from elliptical machines, they also produce several other types of fitness equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, and hybrid trainers.

Published: December 14, 2016.

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ProForm Power 995i offers as many as 30 exercise programs in its console. And if even these many are less for users, they can connect to iFit, its ability is offered by the machine, and get access to countless workout options.

ProForm Power 995i Shipping and Assembly

Shipping by Amazon for ProForm Power 995i is free. Users should remember that the package will be heavy. Therefore instead of getting it at the door and trying to move it to its designated place on their own, they should get it set there directly by the delivery person.

Obviously, they will first have to designate the place. Assembly is not very difficult but takes around two hours, and it’s better to have another helping hand.

ProForm Power 995i Features

proform pftl99715 power 995i 2- ProForm 995i features SpaceSaver folding design for easy storage. EasyLift Assist lets the deck fold smoothly
- Joints are excellently protected with the ProShox Cushioning
- Powerful yet quiet motor
- ProForm 995i I iFit compatible so that users can enjoy exercise powered by Google Maps. They can get their exercise customized by Jillian Michaels or tailor it on their own.
- The Mach Z 3.0 CHP Commercial Plus Motor offers speed from 0-12 mph
- Pulse grips offered for heart rate monitoring
- 0-15% incline
- Music port compatible to MP3 player and iPod
- Plus, the machine has tablet holder too
- Maximum weight of the user can be 350 lb
- CoolAire fan offering 2 speeds
- A couple of nice cup holders

ProForm Power 995i Warranties

ProForm 995i offers the following warranties:
- Lifetime warranty on motor and frame
- 1-year warranty on labor
- 3 year warranty on parts

Computer Features
- 30 profile programs
- 7” backlit LED screen

ProForm Power 995i Pros

When users will look at the features of ProForm Power 995i, they will easily understand that this is a perfect machine. The features, warranties and extras are actually much more for its price. Here are some of its great upsides.

Extensive Array of Exercise Options: The 30 programmed exercise options by ProForm Power 995i are one of its best features. Even many high end models don’t offer that many options. All these workouts are designed by certified personal trainers and adjust the incline, speed, and resistance of Power 995i automatically. Moreover, due to the connectivity to iFit Live, users have still many more options. Users also get a chance to participate in treadmill races on Facebook. Google Maps allow users to run any charted route too. They can also make use of the interactive technology for health advantages.

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Power Incline: The 15% power incline helps relieve pressure on users’ joints and thus makes the workout more efficient. It also helps in burning calories faster and maintaining a superb muscle tone.

Powerful Motor: The 3.0 CHP motor being strong is perfect for light commercial use and hence can very well support the daily workout for an individual or for the entire family. For any kind of exercise, including jogging, walking, speed training, endurance runs and interval training, it runs smoothly at the speed of up to 12 mph.

Belt: The 60” x 20” belt of Power 995i allows almost anyone to tilt back with a full running pace. The trademarked ProShox Cushioning protects users’ joints from the impact of running by around 28% as compared to running on asphalt.

Audio: Two 2” speakers accompanying an iPod-compatible audio port ensures that users are entertained all the time.

ProForm Power 995i Cons

Chest Strap is Not Offered: ProForm Power 995i doesn’t offer the ability to monitor heart rate with a chest strap. It has just dual hand grips for monitoring pulse. Because of this, heart rate training becomes problematic because the users will have to hold on the grips from time to time just to ensure that they are in their target heart zone. Even other treadmill brands available for lower prices than ProForm Power 995i offer chest strap monitoring. Therefore, this shortfall is particularly noticeable. However, it’s also true that most people don’t need a chest strap. So, only those who feel its need may consider it as a shortcoming.

User Experience

Overall users are very happy with ProForm Power 995i and they feel that it has some minus points that every treadmill has.

Firstly users like the smooth working of the machine and the comfort it offers. The speed and incline also work great. The incline changes quickly and 15% is more than enough for most users.

iFit compatibility is another feature users love. It’s easy to use and users can upload their data to the iFit account from the machine. This has to be checked before turning the machine off. Users can constantly be in touch with iFit’s or ProForm’s mothership through the internet, and once users’ fitness goals are recorded, the website keeps track of users’ workout and they can even train with fitness celebs like Jillian Michaels as the software offers something new every day. However, this too comes with some issues! One of them is that the user should get an old router because iFit works with only that router (802.11b) (and not any latest one). The website has glitches and it registers users’ workout sometimes and sometimes not or 1 or 2 days later. However, all these issues can be overcome and finally users get a pleasant experience of the machine if they have some amount of patience.

Scheduling running routes through Google Maps works excellently and users can see the street view while running along. This synchronizes perfectly and the incline is changed to match the route on which the user is running.

Moving this machine is difficult from one room to another on the same floor and impossible up or downstairs, as it is very heavy.

Assembly is a bit difficult as per some users (according to some others, it’s very difficult) and according to them, it’s better to invite someone to do the assembly. For some users, the 16-step assembly given in the manual is not helpful enough. Parts are not labeled and so, it’s confusing about what is what.

Customer service is also not very good as there is a lot of time spent in getting the right person on phone; plus, they try to sell other products like extended warranty or similar, while the customer holds on.

There are no maintenance instructions in the manual. Buyers have to either use their common sense to save it from collecting dust (keep it in a dust-free spot and regularly clean it) and rust (apply a lubricant) or contact customer support.

But all users are at one, that once you assemble ProForm Power 995i, it’s a great treadmill! It’s great to look at and also to do exercise.

All in all, ProForm PFTL99715 Power 995i Exercise Treadmill is a sturdy, durable, and dependable treadmill with some issues with its software and quite a few with their customer support with which users may have to undergo a lot of frustration and irritation in the beginning.

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