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ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill

If someone is looking for some serious workout without having to go to a gym and need a serious treadmill for the purpose, they can definitely consider ProForm’s Smart Pro 5000 treadmill.

This treadmill designed for professional athletes is ideal to get a world-class training in the comfort of one’s own home. It offers a good range of speeds i.e. from 0 to 12.

Plus it offers a great range of inclines i.e. from -3% to 15% to help one build their fitness further. Besides, changing the speed and incline is not at all a hassle. So, the exerciser can totally focus on the workout without having to struggle with any issues.

Published: April 11, 2020.

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ProForm’s Smart Pro 5000 Specifications

- Dimensions when assembled: 39.15” wide x 79” long x 71.4” tall

- Motor: 3.75 CHP

- Maximum user weight capacity: 300 lbs.

- Running surface: 60” long x 22” wide

- Speeds: 0 to 12 mph

- Incline: -3% to 15%

- Preset workout programs: 50

- Display: 10” full color HD touchscreen

- Warranty: Lifetime on motor and frame, 5 years on replacement parts and 2 years on labor

Features of ProForm Pro 5000


The instruction manual provided with the ProForm Pro 5000 has very detailed instructions and diagrams that make the assembly easy. Most tools required for the assembly are also included in the package.

ProForm recommends two people to assemble the machine because although most parts come assembled from the factory, it means that the user has to assemble heavier parts for which they may need a helping hand. ProForm also offers professional assembly service during initial purchase.


The ProForm Pro 5000 is equipped with a powerful 3.75 CHP Mach Z commercial Pro motor that can produce a lot of power, yet its high-grade components stay cool even through the most vigorous workouts. Thus, though the motor is so powerful, it’s not noisy.

Maximum User Weight Capacity

The maximum user weight limit of the ProForm Pro 5000 is quite generous and it’s 300 pounds. This is particularly good for those who want to use this treadmill for weight loss.

10” HD Smart Touchscreen

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The ProForm Pro 5000 comes with a 10” full color capacitive HD Touchscreen that not only makes the machine look attractive but also offers a lot of benefits. This screen helps users navigate the various available options on the treadmill easily. Thus users can easily log into their user profile, scroll through their workout metrics or access the various pre-set workout programs.

The console has QuickSpeed, QuickDecline and QuickIncline buttons through which users can easily change speed and incline levels. It also has quick select controls to access the onboard and iFit Coach workout programs.

The touchscreen can even be tilted and its angle can be adjusted to the user’s height. Since this touchscreen is water-resistant, users don’t have to worry if they accidentally drop sweat on it.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The ProForm Pro 5000 comes with EKG hand grips to monitor heart rate.


Users can have a speed on the ProForm Pro 5000 as slow as 0.5 and as fast as 12 miles per hour and of course between these two extremes.


The ProForm Pro 5000 offers an impressive range of incline too i.e. from -3% to 15% i.e. incline as well as decline. This incline range offers a great versatility in exercise and enables users to simulate real outdoor running and get challenges like in real world while they exercise.

Tread Belt

The spacious 60” long and 22” wide tread belt on the ProForm Pro 5000 offers plenty of room to the user to avoid the crowded or cramped feeling.

ProShox Cushioning

The tread belt of the ProForm Pro 5000 comes equipped with the ProShox Cushioning which helps users protect joints, bones and muscles while walking and running on the machine by minimizing the impact.

Outdoor runners usually get their fitness routine disturbed due to tender feet, sore muscles and even more serious injuries like hairline fractures. The cushioning on the ProForm Pro 5000 helps users avoid these mishaps and continue their workout smoothly.

SpaceSaver Design and EasyLift Assist

The ProForm Pro 5000 is a large-sized machine. However, it has a SpaceSaver Design and users can still save the space by folding it after using. The machine comes with the EasyLift Assist system with which the deck can be easily lifted and locked in an upright folded position. The automatic lock engage ensures that the deck is secured.
To open the machine, users just have to press the locking system and push up a little, and the deck will release and slowly go down.

Preset Workout Programs

The ProForm Pro 5000 offers as many as 50 preset workout programs. These include incline workouts, high-intensity workouts, speed workouts, calorie-burning workouts as well as mixed workouts. Thus even though a user decides not to continue the iFit Coach membership after their trial year ends, they still have access to a wide range of preset workouts.

iFit Coach

In addition to the various preset workout programs, the ProForm Pro 5000 also offers a 1-year free trial membership of iFit Coach with which users can access the extensive iFit Coach workout library where there are thousands of workout programs which can be simple Google Maps workouts that take users along a Google Maps route of their choice or an iFit Coach personal trainer who lead them on a workout.

The speed and incline of the ProForm Pro 5000 is automatically adjusted as per the workout users have chosen. However if they are beyond users’ current skill level, users can readjust them.

Plus, users can create and save their own exercise programs to their user profile.


The ProForm Pro 5000 offers an audio auxiliary port with dual 3” Bluetooth speakers which enable users to listen to music or other entertainment wirelessly while exercising.
Another accessory offered by the ProForm Pro 5000 is an efficient CoolAire workout fan which keeps users cool during workout.


The ProForm Pro 5000 is backed by an impressive lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 5 years on replacement parts and 2 years on labor.

Pros of ProForm Pro 5000

- Powerful 3.75 CHP mac Z Commercial Pro motor

- Large 10” touchscreen

- A great range of speeds

- A great range of incline including declines

- Spacious 60”x22” tread belt area

- ProShox Cushioning minimizes impact and helps protect joints, bones and muscles

- 50 preset workout programs

- Free 1-year iFit Coach trial membership

- EasyLift Assist available for easy folding of the machine

- Accessories like Bluetooth speakers and workout fan

- Quiet operation

- Great warranty

Cons of ProForm Pro 5000

- Large size

- No chest strap available

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Bottom Line

The ProForm Pro 5000 comes with a great range of features including a powerful motor, a range of speeds and inclines, large touchscreen, 50 preset workout programs, free 1-year iFit Coach membership and an impressive warranty. Its spacious running surface is suitable even to users that are taller than average and have a long running stride.

Although it’s a large-sized machine, it can be easily folded and stored away. Also, even though it’s a bit pricier than some other treadmills, it offers the quality matched to the price and thus offers the best value for money.

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