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Schwinn 830 Treadmill - Review and Recommendation

Schwinn 830 Treadmill is a very popular and versatile, medium-priced home treadmill. It comes packed with many features, very useful not only to home runners but also for medium and even advanced trainees.

It lacks certain features found on the larger and more expensive Schwinn 870, but with affordable price, good maximum user weight, foldable construction, and other features, it is for a reason very popular home treadmill.

Published: August 22, 2017.

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 Schwinn 830 Treadmill Features and Specifications

Schwinn 830 is not the smallest home treadmill; its dimensions are (L x W x H) 72.2 x 35.2 x 57.6 (~183.4 x 89.4 x 146.3 cm) and the unit weighs 200 pounds (~91 kg).

The maximum allowed user weight is 300 pounds (~136 kg). Unit is very strong and durable and although not recommended, even heavier users can use it, at least as a walking treadmill - in such case, please check warranty conditions too.

Unit is powered with a 2.75 CHP electric motor, which provides smooth walking/running exercise in the 0-12 mph (0-19 km/h) range. Maximum speed is fast enough for most home runners, except sprinting perhaps. However, sprinting is IMHO not even recommended on home treadmills due to possible accidents and injuries - just check YouTube for 'treadmill accidents' :)

To save space, Schwinn 830 treadmill can be folded and unfolded easily, thanks to the so-called 'SoftDrop™ Folding' system. Also, the treadmill comes with transport wheels and if required, can be moved around the home. However, it is best practice to place the treadmill on the permanent location and use it regularly. For example, walking is low impact exercise but can burn plenty of calories. So, people often place their home treadmill where they can watch TV or do similar activities and at the same time, be physically active.

The belt is 20 inches wide and 55 inches long (50.8 x 139.7 cm). It is more than wide enough to accommodate even taller users, just the length could be better - 55 inches is enough for taller people to walk, but for people with long-running strides, this could be a little bit short.

Note: 55 inches is still a very good belt length for treadmills in this price range.

The belt is a 1 ply belt and it is 1.5 mm thick. It is supported by a 19 mm deck, and 2.5 inched (6.35 cm) rollers. 'SoftTrak™' cushioning system (4 cell design) absorbs impacts and decreases the stress on joints like ankles, knees, hips, etc.

Schwinn 830 has a motorized incline adjustment system, with an incline range of 0 - 12%.

schwinn 830 console

The console is large and features 1 blue backlit LCD display. Display readouts include time, distance, calories, heart rate, laps, incline level, pace, speed, goal tracking metrics from last workout, last 7 or 30 days, calorie record, and the longest workout.

Also, the unit can store data for 4 different user profiles, which is great when several people want to use the treadmill regularly.

However, Schwinn 830 doesn't support Bluetooth connectivity, nor 'Schwinn Fitness Score' - metrics can be transferred via USB memory stick.

Unit comes with 22 workout programs: 1 manual, 3 quick goals, 5 trains, 3 weight control, 5 heart health, 3 interval, and 2 custom programs.

Heart rate sensors are contact type and are positioned on the handles (telemetry is enabled!).

Schwinn 830 treadmill also features 2 water bottle holders, a media shelf, 3-speed cooling fan, a USB charging port, a sound system with stereo speakers, and mp3 input.

Warranty: frame - 10 years, drive motor - 10 years, mechanical - 2 years, electrical - 2 years, and labor - 1 year. These are excellent warranty terms for a home treadmill.

Unit is easy to assemble, but if you are not a DIY person, order a certified technician to assemble the unit for you and to test it right away.

Anyway, before anything, check the manual/instructions that came with the treadmill.

Schwinn 830 Treadmill vs Schwinn 870 Treadmill

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Schwinn 870 is very similar to Schwinn 830 treadmill, however, there are some important differences:

- Schwinn 870 has stronger motor - 3.0 CHP vs 2.75 CHP,

- also, it has larger incline range - 0-15% vs 0-12%,

- deck is thicker - 25 vs 19 mm,

- belt is 2 ply and 2.0 mm thick, while Schwinn 830 features 1 ply, 1.5 mm thick running belt,

- running deck is larger (W xL) - 20" x 60" vs 20" x 55",

- both units feature Softrak™ cushioning system, just 870 treadmill comes with 6 cells design and 830 with 4 cells design,

schwinn 830 vs 870 2

- Schwinn 870 comes with 2 LCD displays, while the 830 treadmill comes with 1 LCD display,

- Schwinn 870 has more workout programs - 26 vs 22,

- Schwinn 870 features 'Schwinn Fitness Score' - it calculates the user's current fitness level after the completion of each workout,

- also, Schwinn 870 is longer unit (L x W x H) - 77.2" x 35.2" x 57.6" vs. 72.2" x 35.2" x 57.6", and heavier unit (215 vs 200 pounds), but both units can accommodate users of the same weight.

Obviously, Schwinn 870 is a larger, heavier, and more expensive treadmill, that also features more workout programs, a larger incline range, a stronger motor, a longer running deck, and few more little details.

If the 830 model provides everything you need, there is no reason to go for the more expensive 870 model.

But, if Schwinn 870 better fits your needs, go for a larger and roomier 870 model.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Schwinn 830 Treadmill and Schwinn 870 Treadmill Amazon links (links open in the new windows).


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