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Smart Digital Folding Exercise Machine SereneLife SLFTRD18 Review

SereneLife SLFTRD18 is a very recently launched folding electric treadmill with a compact design, efficient yet quiet 1HP motor, and a smart LCD display sporting convenient touch button controls.

With its smallish running deck, 1HP motor, and maximum speed of 6 mph, SereneLife SLFTRD18 is designed as an entry home treadmill, suitable mainly for fast walking and light jogging.

Published: January 21, 2019.

SereneLife SLFTRD18 Specifications

serenelife slftrd18 1- Dimensions (unfolded) (L x W x H): 49.6 x 24.0 x 51.2 inches

- Dimensions (folded) (L x W x H): 27.5 x 24.0 x 51.2 inches

- Weight: 67.25 lbs.

- Running Belt Size (L x W): 39.3 x 13.4 inches

- Maximum Weight Support: Up to 265 lbs.

- Motor: 1 HP

- Power Supply: 100-120V

- Adjustable Speed: 0.6 – 6.0 mph

SereneLife SLFTRD18 Features


SereneLife SLFTRD18 is a motorized electric treadmill that has a 1HP motor (supplying 100-120V power) that allows the unit to run quietly and smoothly at speeds from 0.6 to 6 miles per hour.

Exercise Belt

The exercise belt of SereneLife SLFTRD18 is 39.3 x 13.4 inches which is suitable mostly for power walks and light jogging.

Compact Size

SereneLife SLFTRD18 measures 27.5 x 24 x 51.2 inches when folded and 49.6 x 24 x 51.2 inches when unfolded and ready to use. Thus it’s ideal for exercise enthusiasts who lack space due to their small apartments and want to perform a workout whenever they want. The size of SereneLife SLFTRD18 is compact and it can be kept folded when not in use.

serenelife slftrd18 appsAllows Downloading and Using iFitShow App

Users can download the iFitShow workout app for linking wirelessly to computers, smartphones and tablets (Android and iPhone) via Bluetooth 4.0 BLE without requiring a password.

Both Android and iOS can be used for the iFitShow app and the app is linked to the HealthKit to collect and save the workout data.

Users can then share their health and fitness details on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Easy Assembly

Users have to assemble SereneLife SLFTRD18 out of the box; however, the assembly is easy with instructions and tools provided and takes only 15 to 20 minutes. If there is someone to help out, it becomes even easier. The design is smart, compact, electric plug-in, and easy-to-set-up.

Grip Sensors on Handles

The handles of SereneLife SLFTRD18 have integrated grip sensors that are linked to the small digital LED-backlit display with the standard training statistics including heart rate, calories, time, distance, and speed.

Preset Training Modes

Users can choose from the preset training modes SereneLife SLFTRD18 has. Also, they can increase the intensity of the workout by increasing speed.

serenelife slftrd18 safetySafety

SereneLife SLFTRD18 features a red emergency shut-off button which can be used to turn off the power immediately.

Also, the display panel has a built-in security key. Thus, users don’t have to worry about their safety because if they suddenly drift back or fall, the machine will shut off immediately, provided they attach the cord to their clothes.


SereneLife SLFTRD18 has a very conveniently positioned removable holder for tablets and books which can be used to keep the user amused during a workout, and thus allow them to train for longer without getting bored.

What can SereneLife SLFTRD18 be Used for?

SereneLife SLFTRD18 has been designed to provide cardio exercise for burning fat and calories, building endurance and stamina, losing weight, and keeping overall fit and healthy. It’s perfect for walking, running and jogging.

Pros of SereneLife SLFTRD18

serenelife slftrd18 2- Connectivity to iFitShow app and HealthKit

- Easy to assemble

- Compact size makes it apt for small apartments

- Preset training modes

- Quiet

- Low-priced

Cons of SereneLife SLFTRD18

- Small size makes it unsuitable for tall and fat users

- According to one user, SereneLife SLFTRD18 has no Bluetooth connectivity

- Only uphill inclination available; thus unsuitable for those who are not allowed to walk uphill for health reasons

Bottom Line: SereneLife SLFTRD18 is a good treadmill for those who prefer walking or light jogging and for people who don’t have a large house or apartment. SereneLife SLFTRD18 is not recommended treadmill for serious runners because it doesn’t go beyond 6 mph, it has a relatively weak motor, a smaller running deck, etc.

If SereneLife SLFTRD18 fits your needs and you need a light and compact unit, consider this treadmill.

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