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Yowza Fitness Daytona Professional Grade Non-Folding Treadmill Review and Recommendation

Yowza Fitness Daytona Professional Grade Non-Folding Treadmill is big and sturdy home running treadmill, with many features important for both novice and advance runners. Among others, it has a large running deck, strong motor and it doesn't fold - and it has a very nice price tag :)

Yowza Fitness is a renowned manufacturer of attractive, well-designed treadmills with some of the industry’s best warranties. Their Daytona offers gym-quality exercise at home. Designed with runners in mind, the treadmill features a 3.0 HP continuous-duty motor as well as a 60” track. Plus, it offers a 12% incline and a fitted scale with which customized workouts can be created.

Published: December 19, 2016.

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Easy Assembly

Unlike Yowza’s previous treadmills like Lido and Osprey, which were almost ready to go out of the box, Daytona does not come assembled. This is basically because of its non-folding design. However, you need not worry because you don’t have much to do, as the running deck, incline system, base levelers and uprights come pre-assembled. You just have to connect these parts to each other along with the console and slot in the safety key, and you are done!

However, if you don’t have a friend or family member to help you, you better take help of their home assembly service (for a price) as moving a 250 lb box isn’t your best choice.

Design of Running Deck

Usually while buying a treadmill, things considered are others’ experience about the particular treadmill, its price, space it occupies and the variety and effectiveness of programs it offers. But in case of Daytona, the design of its running deck should get a special mention. Daytona has a full 20” x 60” running track with the maximum belt speed of 11 mph. As compared to folding models by Yowza, like Lido and Osprey with a pretty limited running area of 52” length, Daytona facilitates full running workouts for runners up to 6+ feet tall with this spacious running area.

3.0 CHP Motor

The motor power of Daytona is much better than its more economical cousin Osprey – it’s 3.0 CHP instead of 2.5 CHP (of Osprey)! This added power guarantees that the running belt is able to maintain its maximum speed at the greatest incline under 350 lbs – the full weight limit of the machine, without compromising on the quiet and smooth operation over the internal rollers.

Another tiny upgrade is the reduction in the height of the motor casing almost up to the running area. Well, this may not seem to have a lot of importance, but it gives a few extra inches making the user free of worries about the footfall contacting the frame. This also makes it far easier to measure the heart rate using the console without having to change your pace at greater speeds of belt and certainly an improvement over the casing design of Daytona’s cousin Lido.

Patented Swing-Arm Technology

One of the main benefits of choosing a treadmill for running rather than running out is the reduction in the impact of the exercise. When you run outdoors, the impact pulled out of your stride is quite less and that can result in an injury in the future. On the contrary, treadmills can cut out a major part of this impact from your footfall while providing a surface firm enough to push off when required.

Yowza has worked on this fact even more and that has resulted into not only one, but three technologies for impact reduction built into their Daytona.
The most impressive among the three is the Swing-Arm cushioning technology for shock absorption which lessens impact on the user’s lower back, ankles, hip and knee joints.

The system works by the way of a mechanical arrangement similar to spring which cushions the footfall by bringing the user’s foot down on the belt. Because of this, the impact is distributed across a bigger area.

This has another major benefit too! Chaoyang University of Technology has found in their research that because the runner’s foot remains for a slightly longer time on the belt due to the cushioning technology, there is an increase in the calories burned by 14% to 23% over the same time period on other treadmills without the technology.

Transport and Storage

Along with the innovative technology included in its running belt, the Daytona also features plenty of other qualities beneath the deck meant to help in transport and stability. Firstly three wheels have been used on Daytona instead of two wheels in the Osprey, because of which the machine’s weight of 269 lb has been distributed much more evenly, which further makes it easier to roll the machine which you may want to do to take it to another room.

But you need not worry about movement of the machine once you set it up on the designated spot because a set of height-adjustable base levelers has also been provided under the front part.

This ensures the compensation of any slight unevenness in the floor on which the machine would rest and is a popular feature actually found in the costlier commercial quality treadmills.


Once you assemble the Daytona, you should be keen on safety before starting your workout. Just like Lido, Osprey, and Smyrna, Daytona too has a slot in its console which holds a safety key securely. Its one end is inserted in the console and the other is tied to your clothing with the help of a short lanyard and clip. If you fall or were to move too far away from the console, the clip would be detached and the belt would quickly slow down and stop eventually to save you from injury.

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To check how effective your workouts are and which of them are the most effective is important and it is displayed on a treadmill’s console.

Though Yowza Daytona cannot sync your fitness details with an online profile which many other treadmills can, the console of the Daytona still comes with numerous upgrades that are more useful than the previous designs. These include the iPod docking station combined with the Hi-Fidelity speakers, a cooling fan with 3 speed settings that can be operated with a button near the speed adjustment, and the quick-select speed and incline buttons.

The feedback on the screen includes the user’s current workout program, calories burned, heart rate, incline level, speed and distance. Also static data like user’s age and height is displayed too along with a visual indication of the chosen workout.

Workout Programs

Daytona has a tremendous variety of exercises because it features workout programs of both types, viz. preset speed and target setting. Plus it has some totally new and different options too.

IWM – Intelligent Weight Management Software

IWM is a very important feature Yowza has adopted in Daytona from its CardioCore elliptical line. In IWM, a Bluetooth connection is used to sync weight mentioned on a set of scales on the console with your user profile. With this innovative system, your bodyweight reading is combined with your height and a healthy weight range is calculated based on your BMI.

According to your recommended weight measurement, a custom workout program is created automatically, complete with speed, time and incline settings. With this program, you can know the number of calories you should burn to attain your recommended weight.

Guarantees and Warranties

Yowza is known for its generous warranties. For Daytona, they offer the following warranties:

- A lifetime guarantee for frame and motor
- 2-year warranty of in-house labor
- 5-year warranty on parts
- 60-day money-back guarantee
- Users can also purchase 3-, 4- and 5-year service plans
- 90-day price protection


To make the most of your Daytona, you will have to perform a basic maintenance routine regularly which won’t take more than 5 minutes every week, but will prolong the life of your Daytona’s components:

- Check the alignment of the running belt
- Check that all bolts are secure
- Lubricate the belt
- Clean the console and frame

While these are common maintenance tips for any treadmill, remember that for Daytona, you should not actually lubricate the running belt for the first 400 hours of use. Therefore, even though you might run for an hour every day, you need not worry about the lubrication part, till after the first year if you purchase a new treadmill.

Even after the 400-hour period, you can only check for signs of silicone underneath the belt every 6 to 7 weeks.


- Daytona features a powerful 3.5 CHP motor that facilitates running speeds from 0.5 to 11 mph. The whisper-quiet operation of the machine is brought by the balanced heavy flywheel.

- The console of Daytona has been ergonomically designed and thereby, allows you to start your workouts right away. The console has quick-start buttons which enable you to adjust incline and speed. You have another alternative to scroll and select from a range of preset programs or those which you design yourself. The console has heart rate monitors. It also has a pair of three-speed fans, two cup holders, an MP3 jack and a high-fidelity speaker system.

- Daytona also presents a great variety in programs. It offers heart rate control programs, a 5K workout, speed interval programs and a heart-rate-recovery-based fitness test.

- Intelligent Workout Management (IWM) of Yowza Daytona makes it indeed unique. This offers a digital scale with which the trainee can design workouts with which s/he can attain or maintain the desired healthy weight. Multiple users’ workout profiles can be saved with this feature.

- Daytona includes hand-grip wireless heart rate monitors. These interact automatically with the workout programming and adjust program intensity automatically and also evaluate the user’s fitness level.

- Daytona features multiple entertainment options.

- For joint protection, Daytona offers three features: 1. A floating deck having elastomer rings 2. Variable cushioning for a firm support where users push off the track and more amount of cushioning where they land 3. Progressive swing-arm technology to mitigate the impact on knees, ankles, and other joints further.


- Daytona has perhaps only one con that it is huge sized, i.e. 83” L x 35” W, and thus has a large footprint.

User Experience

Regardless of how feature-laden a treadmill is, what users feel about it is important. What can you expect from users to say about Daytona? They are of course happy with this machine and like every bit of it, right from its quiet operation and sturdy structure to its innovative features like the Swing-Arm technology and Intelligent Weight Management software. Even the assembly of this heavy machine is easy and less time-consuming according to many users.

All in all, the Yowza Fitness Daytona treadmill is a great product for aspiring runners and health enthusiasts of all skill levels. However, those who are not very heavy, i.e. less than 350 lb can choose another more economical machine if they are not willing to splurge on a feature-laden machine like Daytona.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Yowza Fitness Daytona Professional Grade Non-Folding Treadmill Amazon link (link opens in the new window).


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