Labrada Nutrition BCAA Power

LABRADA BCAA Power comes in form of ready to drink powder, Fruit Punch and Tangry Citrus flavors. Taste is acceptable, not too sweet. Powder mixability is also acceptable, could be better.labrada bcaa1

It can be quickly prepared during workout and it does not leave too sweet taste in the mouth. During workout I usually drink water, so in the middle of workout, between different exercises, I like to take minute or two of my time and drink my BCAA. I don't like taking lots of fluid at once during workout, so when dieting and I want to take two doses of BCAA (10g of BCAA, 20g of powder) I take one scoop of BCAA twice (20 and 40 minutes after workout started). Also, one can make BCAA drink and drink it little by little in the first half of workout.

Sometimes it is easier to drink a few tablets of BCAA during workout, but to achieve this, one needs plenty of tablets which doesn't come cheap.

If I take BCAA powder in pre- and post workout meal (whey protein with or without quick carbs), I like to use some tasteless BCAA powder.

LABRADA BCAA power comes in 500g container and has 250g of BCAA. Tasteless products that come in 500g containers have pure 500g of BCAA and if taken alone tastes horrible :o)

Since this is LABRADA products, there is almost no need to say that this is Ajipure brand pharmaceutical grade BCAA powder.

Ratio of BCAA amino acids is leucin : isoleucin : valin - 2:1:1.

When compared with tasteless BCAA powders, LABRADA BCAA Power is, gram for gram of BCAA, more expensive. But again, they taste ok, and can be drink alone. Pure BCAA can also be drink alone, but taste is simply horrible :o)