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MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder

MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder is a Meal Replacement Powder (MRP) with sustained release of nutrients over several hours. Manufacturer claims over the period of 8 hours, which is a little bit optimistic.

Nonetheless, MuscleTech Phase 8 is an excellent protein powder for breakfasts and daily meals and snacks.

Published: September 19, 2016.

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As protein sources, MuscleTech Phase 8 uses a protein blend consisting of Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate.

Protein comes from fast-digesting and slow-digesting sources, supplying the body with a constant flow of nutrients.

MuscleTech Phase 8 comes in many flavors: Cookies and Cream, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and White Chocolate. Also, it comes in several packages: 2 lbs, ~4.4 lbs, and 4 servings.

muscletech phase 8 1The smallest package is suitable for people who want to try a specific flavor and if you are on a trip or something similar.

All flavors have very similar macronutrient content, with Vanilla flavor having 26g of protein, 8g of carbs (of which, 2g of sugar), and 1.5g of fats per single, 42g serving; that is around 62g of protein, 19g of carbs and 4g of fats per 100g of powder.

Powder mixes quickly and easily in the shaker, especially with inner plastic mesh. However, such mesh causes it to make some foam, which settles after few seconds. I use mesh and let the foam settle down for few seconds - there are no lumps of any kind in the shaker.

muscletech phase 8 3Chocolate flavors are good, while Vanilla is a little bit tasteless.

As said before, MuscleTech Phase 8 is an excellent protein powder for breakfasts and daily meals and snacks.

It digests too fast to be used for bedtime protein shakes, but when it is combined with low fat or cottage cheese (additional source of slow-digesting protein), some milled nuts (source of healthy fats and fibers), and similar foods, it can be used as an excellent basis even for bedtime protein shakes.

Vanilla flavor can be used for fruit smoothies and in other meals (pancakes, for example) for increasing the protein content.

Powder can be used even for Post Workout Meal (PWM) shakes, but it digests slower than pure whey proteins, with or without fast carbs add. Thus, it doesn't provoke/cause insulin spike like whey protein, but there is also no danger of insulin crashes or anything similar.

After cardio sessions on your treadmill, feel free to take some MuscleTech Phase 8 (without fast carbs) to promote recovery and regeneration.

MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder comes at an affordable price, especially larger packages. If found on sale, even better.

Long story short - MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder is an excellent MRP supplement, suitable for many uses. It is not as fast as whey protein powders and it is not as slow as pure casein powders - great for daily meals and snacks and as all-around protein powder.

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