BSN NO-Xplode

bsn no xplodeBSN NO-Xplode is preworkout powder for maximizing strength and stamina during workouts.

BSN NO-Xplode belongs to 'Nitric Oxide' group of supplement powders. This is very disputed group of supplements and source of many debates.

Anyway, BSN NO-Xplode main ingredients are similar to other nitrix oxide supplements on the market, with some differences, of course.

It comes in several different flavors - Orange, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime, Lemonade and Watermelon. It is available in 10, 20, 30 and 50 servings sized containers - 1 serving = 22.5g of dry powder..

Mixability is ok in shaker, taste is like juice. BSN recommends to vary amount of water for better taste and also to test your tolerance. Is this really necessary? Well, it can't hurt (much :o) ) and it is always better to test supplements at home than at gym under weights.

BSN NO-Xplode should be consumed only before workout. BSN recomend on non-training days to drink 1/2 - 1 scoop 'for maintenance', but IMHO it is not neccesary. On non-training days just take your creatine supplement as usual. This way, you will have your BSN for longer. If you are new to this kind of supplement, than for few first workouts take half of the scoop. If you are heavier (100kg+), you will probably need more than one scoop (but don't push too much, nitric oxides supplements elevate blood pressure, that can be fatal, even for younger people).

Price of this supplement is in range of similar products - it comes in relativly big container, so price per gram (and per workout) can be cheaper than for similar products of other companies.

BSN NO-Xplode - recommended for periods of intensive workouts. Also, if you are really serious about some goal, and you decide to take nitric oxide, then buy also creatine ethyl ester (CEE), good whey protein, maybe some BCAA powder and first of all, get your nutrition right - results in two months periods can be amazing. That is also not cheap. If you want to take BSN NO-Xplode just to try it, find free samples for at least 2-3 workouts and decide if you should buy whole container.

Note: some of us (both coaches and trainees) felt nothing, but really nothing using BSN NO-Xplode - no increase in strength, stamina, focus ... On the other hand, most of us had at least the same results (or even better) with BSN NO-Xplode when compared with other nitric oxide supplements. Why? Don't know - that is why we recommend to first try free sample packages, not only for BSN NO-Xplode, but for all other supplements in general.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to follow BSN NO-XPLODE Amazon link (link opens in the new window).