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KIND PLUS Protein Bars

KIND PLUS Protein Bars are food bars with a modest amount of protein, but they contain a relatively high amount of healthy fats, good amount of fibers, they are low or free from common allergens and problem causing compounds and they come at affordable price.

Published: October 27, 2016.

kind plus almond cashew protein bar

KIND PLUS Protein Bars come in many flavors. Macronutrient content for each flavor is similar and it is given in the following table. Note that content can vary even for individual flavor, depending on the ingredients - for short, read the labels! Content is given per single bar, not per 100g of bars! Amazon links open in the new window, feel free to check them.

Flavor Weight Protein Carbs (Total) Sugars Fibers Fats (Total) Saturated Fats Trans Fats Calories Amazon Link
Almond Cashew  40g 4g 20g 11g 3g 11g 1.5g 0g 190 KIND PLUS Almond Cashew
Blueberry Pecan  40g 4g 20g 9g 5g 12g 1g 0g 190 KIND PLUS Blueberry Pecan
Cranberry Almond  40g 4g 20g 11g 3g 13g 1.5g 0g 190 KIND PLUS Cranberry Almond
 Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew 40g 4g 22g 14g 2.5g 9g 2.5g 0g 180 KIND PLUS Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew
Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate  40g 8g 17g 9g 2.5g 13g 3.5g 0g 200 KIND PLUS Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate
Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio  40g 4g 22g 10g 3g 10g 1g 0g 190 KIND PLUS Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio
 Almond Walnut Macadamia 40g 10g 13g 7g 2.5g 14g 2g 0g 200 KIND PLUS Almond Walnut Macadamia

These protein bars are not marked as suitable for vegans, although as of them are even 'Diary Free'. Also, most flavors are free of gluten, cholesterol, soy, and similar.

kind plus blueberry pecan protein bar

Flavor NON-GMO Gluten-Free Sodium Free Dairy-Free Cholesterol Free Soy Free
Almond Cashew  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blueberry Pecan  Yes  Yes No - 20mg per bar Yes Yes  No
Cranberry Almond  Yes  Yes No - 25mg per bar Yes Yes Yes
 Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Yes Yes No - 20mg per bar No Yes No
Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate  Yes Yes No - 25mg per bar Yes Yes No
Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio  Yes Yes No - 25mg per bar Yes Yes No
 Almond Walnut Macadamia Yes Yes No - 65mg per bar Yes Yes No

KIND PLUS Protein Bars practically contain no cholesterol, no Gluten, and are NON-GMO food bars. Sodium content is very low, even in the Almond Walnut Macadamia flavor (only 65mg per bar).

Only two flavors are declared as 'Soy-Free', but other flavors contain soy only in traces (if any), so if you are worried about fito-estrogens in these bars - don't worry since amounts of soy are really very low.

kind plus dark chocolate cherry cashew protein bar

Are KIND PLUS Protein Bars Healthy?

When eaten, bars must be chewed, which is very important for feeling full and satiated for a longer period of time. Note that they also don't contain sugar alcohols, which can cause digestive issues, if consumed in larger quantities - KIND don't state that their bars are free of sugar alcohols, we just couldn't find them on the list of the ingredients. And since they use honey (among other things), IMHO, they don't even need sugar alcohols to improve the taste.

Fat content is rather large, but most of the fats are healthy fats with low amounts of saturated fats and no trans fats.

Fiber content is very good, especially in Blueberry Pecan flavor.

Sugar content could be lower - bars are relatively small and total amounts of sugars is low, but still, it could be lower. But, bars taste very good :)

If you don't know what to eat when you are in a hurry (breakfast, daily snacks), give these bars a chance. They are not 'super-rich' in protein, but an occasional treat, they are very good and very beneficial. But don't expect to replace normal, balanced nutrition with food bars only (KIND PLUS or any other protein or energy bar).

Long story short - KIND PLUS Protein Bars are high-quality food bars with acceptable amounts of protein. Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Almond Walnut Macadamia flavors have good amounts of protein, but other flavors could be, IMHO, better.

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