NoGii High Protein Nutritional Bar

NoGii High Protein Nutritional Bar is medium size protein bar (1.90 oz; 54g) with a very balanced nutrient ratio, which comes at a very acceptable price and tastes well.

The main protein sources are soy and milk. Also, it contains no gluten.

Published: October 27, 2016.

nogii high protein bar 1

The main protein sources are soy and milk. This makes NoGii High Protein Nutritional Bars not suitable for vegans, but Lacto-ovo vegetarians can use freely consume these bars.

NoGii High Protein Nutritional Bars come in several flavors. The most popular flavors and their macronutrient content are given in the following table:

Flavor Protein Total Carbs Sugar Fiber Fats Saturated Fats Calories
Peanut Butter and Chocolate 20g 20g 10g 2g 8g 2.5g 230 kcal
Chocolate Mint 17g 24g 14g 2g 8g 1g 230 kcal

There are other flavors, too, like Chocolate Coconut and Cocoa Brownie. In any case, before buying, check content and amounts of macronutrients, just to be sure.

Although I don't like soy in any form, from time to time, some soy protein will do no harm, on the contrary.

These bars are excellent as a quick meal or snack, as an energy booster during the workouts, or as a fast meal right after a workout.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians can use them to increase daily protein intake, too.

Although these bars contain a relatively high percentage of sugars, sugars are mixed with other carbohydrates and nutrients to fuel the body for a longer period of time (2-3h). Bars provide more than just a quick burst of energy (less than 1h). However, depending on one's size, several bars might be required.

If you like outdoor activities (walking, hiking, rowing etc.) having few bars like these and enough water can be of great help in feeling fresh and energetic.

nogii high protein bar 2

Bars come as single bars or in boxes of 12 bars.

NoGii High Protein Nutritional Bars taste is excellent and can be used to kill cravings for sweets during periods of diet, too, especially if their macronutrient profile fits your daily meal plan. Due to relatively fast digestion (2-3h at most), these bars are not suitable as bedtime snacks.

Never forget that real food is real food.

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