PowerBar Harvest Energy Bars

PowerBar Harvest Energy Bars are whole grain food bars that taste great, provide more or less constant energy, but are too low on quality protein and too high on sugars to be excellent meal replacement bars for any occasion.

However, these bars are not designed to be meal replacement bars, but energy bars that will provide energy right from the start and provide it for a longer period of time.

Published: October 27, 2016.

powerbar harvest energy 1

PowerBar Harvest Energy Bars come in different flavors: Trail Mix, Strawberry Crunch, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Mixed Nuts, Fruit 'n' Nuts, Apple Cinnamon Crisp, Toffee Chocolate Chip, and Double Chocolate Crisp.

Flavors not containing various nuts have very similar macronutrient content:

- 8-9g of protein, mostly from soy protein isolate and grains - I would prefer proteins like micellar casein, egg albumin, whey blend, but that would be costly.

- around 42g of total carbs, providing ~5g of fibers and 18-21g of sugars - being endomorph, I stay away from 'candy-like' bars, but when you need energy, even endomorphs appreciate some simple carbs. Just be sure that bars like these fit your macros.

- 4-5g of fats, with 1-3g of saturated fats.

Each 65g (2.29 ounces) bar provides 240-250kcal of energy in a tasty, convenient package. When eating, be sure to drink some water during or at least after eating the bars.

Note: bars containing various nuts have more fats and less carbs and are digested more slowly. However, their protein content is still rather low - below 10g per bar. They also contain around 20g of total carbs, 2g of fibers, 8-9g of sugar, 10g of total fats, and around 1g of saturated fats. These bars provide around 210-220kcal per single bar.

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It is recommended by their manufacturer to use PowerBar Harvest Energy Bars before and/or during moderate-intensity training and sports like running, swimming, and cycling.

Personally, I like protein+carbohydrates solid meal some 90-120 minutes before and some energy booster 15-30 minutes before such events. If the event lasts more than 90 minutes, consider taking bars like these (or some similar supplement) some 60 minutes after the event started (before you start to feel tired!). However, as an endomorph, I prefer protein bars with much more protein and mostly complex carbs, with low amounts of sugars.

If you like outdoor activities and you need some quick meal (and energy), a bar like this can make you go for 1-2 hours more - this highly depends on your size and physical intensity.

Bars are available as single bars or as 15 bars boxes. Never consume new flavor on your 'event' day and especially never consume new bar type or supplement in general on such an important day!

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