PowerBar Triple Threat Bar

PowerBar Triple Threat Bars are candy bars containing some protein. They taste great, are very affordable and if you like outdoor activities and longer sport events or physical activities, consider these bars as good and very convenient energy sources.

Published: October 27, 2016.

powerbar triple threat 1

PowerBar Triple Threat Bars can be found in several flavors and as single bars and 15 bars packages. Nutrition content, per single 55g bar, is given in the following table:

Flavor Protein Total Carbs Fiber Sugar Sugar Alcohol Total Fats Saturated Fats Calories
Chocolate Caramel Fusion  10g 30g 3g 15g 0g 9g 4.5g 230kcal
S'mores 10g 31g 3g 16g 0g 8g 4.5g 230kcal
Chocolate Toffee Almond  10g 30g 3g 16g 0g 9g 4g 230kcal
Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp  11g 32g 4g 13g 0g 6g 2.5g 220kcal
Caramel Peanut Fusion  10g 31g 3g 15g 0g 9g 4.5g 230kcal

Protein sources in these bars are whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, and soy protein isolate. Although there are only 10-11g of proteins per bar, at least, they are not whey only.

These bars are intended to be taken right after workouts and physical activities, to jump-start recovery and regeneration. And that is great - problem is that with only 10-11g per bar, there wouldn't be many building blocks for the body to use for recovery.

If you need a sport supplement for faster and more efficient recovery and regeneration right after exercise, consider making PWM shakes, based on whey protein and some fast carbs.

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On the other hand, if you like outdoor activities, sports events, and other physical activities that last for hours and you need to replenish your energy levels, consider these bars since they taste great, are affordable (especially 15 bars packages), come in numerous flavors and even have some vitamins and minerals to help you going further.

Don't forget after consuming these bars to drink some water, especially during warmer weather and during periods of intensive sweating.

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