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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Organic Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Organic Plant-Based Vegan Protein Powder is a plant protein blend consisting of organic pea, organic rice, and organic sacha inchi proteins.

Also, it is certified USDA organic and non-GMO vegan protein supplement, which contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. And it is also gluten-free.

Published: January 29, 2018.

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Optimum Nutrition Organic Plant Vegan protein supplement comes in 'just' two flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate and only one package size containing 1.5 pounds (~0.68 kg) of powder. Actually, from time to time it is also possible to find one serving size packets, excellent for testing and when traveling.

The nutritional content of these two flavors is very similar and is given in the following table:

Flavor Chocolate Vanilla
Serving Size 1 Scoop (38g) 1 Scoop (36g)
Protein 24g  24g
Total Carbs 7g  6g
Fibers 2g  2g
Sugars 1g  1g
Total Fats 3g  2.5g
Saturated Fats 0.5g  0.5g
Sodium 210mg  210mg
Calcium 100mg  100mg
Iron 4.6mg  3.7mg
Potassium 220mg  140mg
Vitamin C 90mg  90mg
Vitamin B12 0.6mcg (μg) 0.6mcg (μg) 

As on can see, both flavors contain 24g of protein per serving, 6-7g of carbs, 2g of fibers, only 1g of sugar. Fats are low, especially saturated fats and cholesterol (present, but very low!).

ON Vegan protein supplement is also a good source of iron (~25% RDA per serving), vitamin C (~100% RDA per serving), and what is very important for vegans, it contains vitamin B12, around 25% of RDA per serving.

Mixability: ON Organic Vegan protein powder mixes well in the shaker, especially when using plastic or metallic mesh to improve mixing. Some foam is created during shaking, but it settles down quickly.

Protein drinks can be prepared in a tall glass, too, just one needs a good hand blender to mix everything. Using just a spoon creates many small lumps.

Taste: as a protein supplement, the ON Organic Vegan supplement could have a better taste. It is a little bit gritty and sandy, especially when made with plain water. However, when it is made with coconut, almond, or cashew milk, it tastes better than most of the plant protein supplements, especially chocolate flavor.

on plant protein powder 2Usage: ON Organic Vegan protein supplement should be used by vegans and other people that want to increase their daily protein intake, but also want to avoid GMO ingredients, gluten, and artificial colors, flavors sweeteners, etc.

It can be used for breakfasts (with oats, for example), daily snacks, and bedtime protein shake (with peanut butter, for example), but also for shakes before and after workouts, regardless if those are workouts at the gym, track workout or at home using a home treadmill.

When taken around the workout, it helps with performances during workout and with recovery and regeneration after workout. Plant protein digests slower than whey protein, but it also keeps the user satiated for a longer period of time than plain whey protein.

Price: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Organic Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder contains all essential amino acids, it is organic, non-GMO, contains no-gluten ... for short, it is one of the best and one of the most popular vegan protein powders and what you pay is what you get. Unfortunately, it comes in small containers (~1.5 pounds) and larger containers would be cheaper per gram of powder.

If you are looking for a good all-around plant-based protein powder, consider this one. It is far from being the cheapest plant protein blend, but considering the quality, the price is more than justified.

For more reviews and recommendations, check ON Organic Plant Vegan Protein Powder Amazon link (link opens in the new window).


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